HKS Supercharged 350Z Tunnel Run

HKS Supercharged 350Z Tunnel Run

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Hot Version - [Vol.98] HKS GT Supercharged 350Z (Drifting)
"HKS Z33 Drifting Impression "

HKS Supercharged 350Z Driveby
HKS Supercharged 350Z short driveby. HKS Supercharger - 370whp/350 torque @ 7.5psi Cosworth plenum, DC Sports headers, Tomei test pipes, Ichiba y-pipe, GReddy Ti-C Exhaust, 600CC injectors, CJ Motorsports RFS

Amazing sound !!! I love it ** I've got new tires.. the car has more handling now** Supercharged - 420whp

First Drive: HKS Supercharged Z
El Toro Air force base, first time in car. AutoX course designed for grip but Z wanted to drift. GT Supercharger, Brembo GT brakes, Advan Neova and 321whp.