2012 AutoRama - 1963 Ford Econoline

2012 AutoRama 1963 Ford Econoline

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1961 Econoline Rick Batsford
Customized 1961 Ford Econoline pickup is discussed with it's owner, Rick Batsford. Very few were manufactured and this one was meant as a farm vehicle, but has been modified. The paint is silver and blue and the body is in great shape.

61 Econoline
New Exhaust

1963 Ford Econoline Pickup HotRod test drive.
This gorgeous 1964 Ford Econoline is ready to hit the strip in style. Throw your surfboards / Mountain Bikes / even kids in the back and go for a cruise in this Classic. Completely custom and shaven. She needs a new home quick! Full details on this vehicle can be found on our site : www.bulletmotorsports.com Song Name: Santo and Johnny, Sleepwalk.

The nicest Econoline in the world?
The Ford Econoline pickup was made from 1961 to 1967 in not particularly large quantities. Appearance-wise, it's a bit of a mutt, but it has a devoted following, and I count myself among their number. This is without question the most superbly-executed hot-rodded Econoline that I've ever seen. Taken at the "Back to the 50's" car show, Saint Paul MN 6-23-12