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Jethro Bovingdon, Car and Driver's European correspondent, takes the fabled 911 Ruf Yellowbird for a spin around the test track, visits the RUF factory, and takes the Ruf CTR 3 on Germany's autobahn for some high-speed fun. Do you want to speak with Jethro Bovingdon, or Mark Bramley, the cinematographer? You can reach them at their Twitter handles below! Jethro Bovingdon: @JethroBovingdon Mark Bramley: @MarkBramley Subscribe! Twitter: Facebook: Each week, the Car and Driver YouTube Channel will launch episodes of The Full Hoon, Driver Rehab, Battle of the Beaters, Car and Driver: Tested, Popular Mechanics Saturday Mechanic, and Road & Track Presents.

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7 Of The Most Powerful Ruf's
Ruf it's a company that tunes numerous Porsche cars to the point of being almost impossible to drive. Here are 7 Of The Most Powerful Ruf's. Social media FOLLOW ME ON CARTHROTTLE -- FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM -- SUBSCRIBE -- Credits Footage Ruf BTR (Porsche 911 turbo) pt 2 86 Ruf BTR 0-90mph 1997 Porsche Ruf CTR2 Sport for Sale_ Yellowbird Ruf Ruf CTR _Yellow Bird_ full laps on Nürburgring Nordshleife 1987 (Option Auto) RUF 993 turbo R m6board_com presents_ BMW M6 vs Ruf 993 turbo R R turbo Ruf CTR 2 Sport - Awesome pitlane sound RUF CTR2 sport Hot Lap of Mosport Park RUF RT12 [HD] RUF CTR3 in Paris !!! Drag Race_ Lamborghini Aventador vs RUF CTR3 at Vmax Quicksilver Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing." The materials are used for illustrative and exemplification reasons, also quoting in order to recombine elements to make a new work. The original works were altered quantitatively or qualitatively and the video does not compete with the market for the original works. There were used small portions of the materials in a new context and expression for illustrative reasons only.

Ruf CTR "Yellow Bird" full laps on Nürburgring Nordshleife 1987 (Option Auto)
Faczination on Nürburgring (Nordschleife) Stephan Rozer on Board Ruf CTR1 Yellow Bird : Flat6 3.3 l, Twin turbos KKK 469 ch / 5 950 tr/mn 56,4 mkg / 5 100 tr/mn 1 222 kg 0-100 km/h : 4.2 s 400m D.A. : 12 s 1 000 m D.A. : 21 s Max Speed : 342 km/h

Chasing AMG GT R and F-Type R on the Nordschleife Touristenfahrten//.
2nd lap on a damp Sunday Touristenfahrten morning at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Close call for the F-Type jumping the curb in FoxHole :o And then ran into this AMG GT R with again another driver with a "better" car who doesn't like to move over :/ #RingEtiquette

The RUF CTR Yellowbird is the Ultimate 911!
If you know your cars then these two from RUF Automobile will need no further introduction: nicknamed the Yellowbird we have the 1987 Carrera 3.2 'CTR' sitting alongside the new 2017 CTR equipped with carbon fibre monocoque and over 700 horsepower. The original CTR has a huge amount of history and I jump on board with Mr. Alois Ruf for an experience in the car and to find out about the story. This is pure automotive story right here! What do you think of RUF's cars? Join the discussion at Special thank to Andrew Mooser for the subtitles! Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram: