GSXR 1000 vs 750

Just having some fun... Last flyby is a tribute to

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WHY BUY a 750 vs 1000cc (GSXR)
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R6 vs Gsxr 750

Why a Gsxr 750 after owning a liter bike?
Check out my Merch Store below! I've come to the conclusion that most people thought my ninja1000 was basically an upright version on a zx10r or other supersport liter bikes and that was not the case. It was basically a detuned liter bike with lots of torque low end and not much high end power. I made the switch for many reasons but the main one was weight reduction, I was tired of throwing around a big heavy bike in the corners. Still breaking in the gsxr so don't worry, the wheelies are comin ;)

Suzuki GSX-R History (1985 - 2017) | Evolution of a SuperBike | Full Documentary
GSX-R is a series of sport bikes made by Japanese manufacturer Suzuki. Here's a documentary which shows the full story behind the evolution of Gixxer. Current models are the GSX-R125 and GSX-R150; GSX-R600 which was manufactured from 1992 to 1993, and since 1997; the GSX-R750 since 1985; and the GSX-R1000 since 2001. [ I do not own any contents in this video. The credit goes to the authors. ]