Playmobi By Emma.J - Thornhill House (5300 Mansion)

Thornhill House is a converted Playmobil 5300 Victorian Mansion. I have extended the the house at the front and painted it ib a stone effect paint. It's filled with customised furniture throughout. Please visit my blog at for more details. Music By Handel - Royal Fireworks.

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Playmobil by Emma.J - Cluedo Hall
Based on the famous board game Cluedo / Clue, a fully furnished house complete with Playmobil Suspects. Please visit my blog at to see more customised Playmobil. Music by Charles Gounod - Funeral March Of A Marionette.

Playmobil By Emma.J - Houghton Hall (Victorian Mansion 5300)
A custom built Playmobil Victorian Mansion based on Houghton Hall in Nolfolk. This is the largest mansion I have built so far, fully furnished with working lights throughout. Music by Novak.

Victorian Playmobil By Emma.J Pt 8 The Mansion
This is the original Victorian Mansion 5300 repainted cream with black windows and gold highlights. It's fully furnished with customised room sets. I'm sure it's new owner Daniela will have hours of fun with it. Thanks for watching, Emma.J.Please visit my blog for more of my work at

Playmobil victorian diorama
Playmobil victorian diorama