Homemade Firewood Processor Detroit Diesel Powered

First run of the wood processor. powered by a 453 Detroit 4 cylinder, 105 hp. 3 49 gpm pumps. 35 inch saw blade, 25 ton splitting ram, 3 second split cycle, 8 way wedge. video showing sawing and splitting functions

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Croco - log splitter

posch 2

Slabcutting tree trunk for handcrafted furniture
The wood that Michael McDunn and gallery wood artists use comes from various sources, over half comes from felled trees and other found or reclaimed wood. This large trunk section was brought by flat-bed truck from a local donation. Tree wood is usually donated by people who don't want to see it burned or otherwise wasted. If a tree dies or must be removed, this is a good way to see that it has a long-term afterlife. Its parts can become heirloom furniture and artwork, and exist for generations.

CS27-40 With 18 Way Packaged Firewood Wedge
18 Way Wedge for producing bundled firewood