Homemade Firewood Processor Detroit Diesel Powered

First run of the wood processor. powered by a 453 Detroit 4 cylinder, 105 hp. 3 49 gpm pumps. 35 inch saw blade, 25 ton splitting ram, 3 second split cycle, 8 way wedge. video showing sawing and splitting functions

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100 Ways to Split Firewood. Best Cleaver, Saw and Log Splitter Compilation
In this compilationwe will show a lot of mechanisms and devices for cutting and splitting firewood. Different size and capacity machines and units, saws, wood splitters and cleavers chop and dissect logs of all sizes. В этой подборке мы покажем множество механизмов и устройств для колки и разрезания дров. Разные по величине и мощности машины и агрегаты, пилы, колуны и дровоколы рассекают и колят дрова любых размеров.

Palax Power100S Firewood Processor version 02
The Palax Power 100s is a firewood processor designed for professional use. It includes several unique proprietary features that make it the most efficient, productive and reliable machine of its size for processing big trees. The robust Palax Power 100s is equipped with a 1000 mm / 39.3 in overhead hard-metal blade, a thrust force of 16 tons (kg) / 35,300 lbs and fully hydraulic control. The machine is at its best when processing hardwood. The maximum tree diameter is 40 cm / 15.7 in. Automatic high-speed valve - As a rule, the work stroke is always performed at high speed. If the smaller splitting force induced by the high-speed function is great enough, the wood will split up. If the splitting force at high speed is not great enough, it will immediately be Boosted. As soon as the splitting of the wood starts and the force requirement is reduced, the high-speed operation will automatically resume. The high-speed motion brings added speed for small trees and added force for big trees. Optimizing the stroke length increases the splitting speed - The Palax Optimi is the method for optimizing the length of the splitting stroke by limiting the cylinder stroke in accordance with the length of the processed wood. A full stroke is used for processing longer sized wood. If the length of the processed wood is shorter sized, then the cylinder stroke is reduced to almost a half and thus the splitting speed is virtually doubled! Automatic tightening of the V-belts - The transmission drive belts of the Palax Power 100 are equipped with automatic tightening. Automatic tightening of the belts completely eliminates the need for repeated retightening of the belts or malfunctions due to slack or too-tight drive belts. Keeping the belts at the correct tightness greatly extends the service life of the belts and the entire transmission. Long service intervals - increased productivity - Lubed-for-life ball bearings in all the control levers make operation of the machine precise, reliable and long lived and extend the service intervals. For more information please email info@hakmet.com

Croco - log splitter

Extreme Firewood Processing Machines in Action: Posch Equipment
Awesome video showing the power and productivity of the Posch Spaltfix K-450, PackFix and Posch K-650 Firewood Factory Processor. Posch is an Austrian company founded in 1950's and specialized in the design and the manufacturing of Log Saws, Firewood processors, Shreder, etc... Jas P Wilson is a UK based forestry & firewood machinery suppliers and engineers since 1964, serving customers throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Video credit: Jas P Wilson / POSCH GmbH , Post-production by Extreme Machines Magazine Sector of activity: Jas P Wilson = forestry & firewood machinery suppliers / POSCH GmbH = forestry & firewood machinery manufacturer. About Extreme Machines Magazine: Extreme Machines Magazine is a website and also a YouTube Channel. From the giant car companies to the small craft company, we want to share the most interesting industrial processes around the world in a fun way. You are a professional or simply a fan, don't forget to subscribe us and visit our website ! Contact us: themachinesmagazine+contact@gmail.com DISCLAIMER: If you have a problem or a suggestion with some of our content, please contact us with the email contact provided in the channel description.