Toyota PRIUS with a Flowmaster Muffler (Hippie Support Vehicle for the Married Hot Rodder) This is a quick video feature on a Toyota Prius with a "sporty" muffler. As a hot rodder, I needed a reliable car for my wife that would make her happy and keep our costs down so that I could spend any spare income on project cars. So, in 2004, we bought this thing. I wasn't thrilled with the purchase but the car fit the bill at the time and has traveled 143,000 trouble free miles but is still really, really boring. Then I cut the stock muffler off, welded up a Flowmaster and a chrome tip to play a joke on my wife and I ended up leaving it on there. It cracks me up to hear this thing pull in to the driveway!

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The Coolest Sounding Prius Ever, on the Dyno
Who knew you could make a Prius sound like this? We were performing a test to see if the catalytic converter on the 2006 Prius was plugged. To characterize this sound as something desirable is a bit of a stretch but the students thought it sounded great.

Modified Toyota Prius - One Take
We really shouldn't be surprised that a Prius would eventually be here. This one has the full kit of suspension upgrades, a drive control module, and some JDM accessories. Check out Jay's Prius on Wheelwell! 557b98cb82a392dbe/specs/

JDM Prius
Moog comes across a pumped hybrid

Drag Racing Prius Fourth Run
Local Toyota tech drag racing his Prius. Fourth run, best time of the night, 11.27.