Broken Hill to Rockwell Menindee Road on a 1987 Yamaha TZR 250 2my 1kt.

Broken Hill through red hill past Rockwell Menindee Road on a Yamaha TZR 250 1987. Red Hill is where mad max 2's interceptor was blown up and the blue heeler shot...on the straight is where some of Priscilla Queen of the Desert was shot and Race the Sun movies! recorded on a ride to Menindee with the Eagle Eye Extreme HD and compressed to get the file size smaller for upload.

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Ivanhoe to Broken Hill Via Menindee
BMW 1150GS, BMW 650 Dakar & Kawasaki KLX 650 - Road to Broken Hill via Menindee - Not a Road to Travel when Raining

1984 RZ500, 1988 TZR250- Two Stroke ride
Couple of collector two strokes out for a ride! Be sure to watch the end for some bonus gratuitous smokey revving...

Donington 2016 race 3 - YPM Yamaha past masters TZR 250
Donington 2016 race 3 - YPM Yamaha past masters TZR 250

Broken Hill Airport _ Early 1960's
A short clip showing Dakotas (DC3s), Fokker Friendships (F27s) and a Convair 440 taken at Broken Hill in the days when Airlines of New South Wales, Victorian Air Coaches and Airlines of South Australia flew to the 'Silver City'