Chevy 216 Engine running for sale

Chevy 216 Engine running for sale. Every lowriders choice

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1950 Chevrolet Truck; running 216 engine.
I saved this one from the crusher. Perhaps one of my favorite sounds... a running Stove bolt engine. I was able to get the numbers matching (original) 216 engine running after sitting for nearly 20 years. Splash oil lubricated connecting rods; pressured mains, cartridge style oil filer and oil bath air filer. Short block is; as found but, I had the cylinder head rebuilt with new: valves, guides, springs and seats. At the time of this video, I had been working on the truck for over 1 year. The truck was named Cannonball by the previous owner. Watch for Cannonball Restoration videos in the future. Kyler

chevy 216
chevy 216 truck engine running

Rebuilt 1941 Chevy 216 Idling
Freshly rebuilt 1941 Chevy 216. One of the valves is making more noise than I'd like, and there's a troubling knocking just off idle. Sorry for the Bourne Identity shaky cam.

Chevy Truck engine-need to know what it is!!!
216 in 52 Chevu AD truck