1983 ford mustang 302 ho motor rebuild

the flywheel and the starter went bad in the Mustang and instead of just changing them i decided to just pull the motor and rebuld it can't wait to get it done to show all of you out there how it sounds and runs

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Creating a ford 347 stroker engine
Using an old 302 engine to create an brand new 347 stroker engine. It is being used in a 1966 Mustang GT Fastback.

5.0 Mustang GT rebuild
This is my 87 GT that I bought back in August of 2002...It was basically left for dead in the backyard of its previous owner. I only paid $375 for it with no motor. It had a long list of problems including...Transmission only had 2 working gears,cracked winshield,headlights,tailights,old peeling tint,bent cowl panel due to the hood flying up,alot of surface rust,and some bad rust on the hatch,door and passenger front fender.The interior was full of trash and dust, since they left the window down. I ended up selling this car after it came along ways to its what was current estate...but unfortantly the kid I sold it too trashed it then sold it to another owner who trashed it even more :(. I then ran into this car in summer of 08...offered to buy it back,went to go pick it up,and he sold it from under me to a guy who scoops up local fox bodys and parts them out or destroys them:(. I only wish I knew what happend to it so I could restore her again...but anyways thanks for watching

88 mustang lx. 5.0 rebuild , part 1
Rebuilding my 88 stang. Rebuild motor, 302, with lots of parts, Edelbrock performer 2 upper lower intake BBK 75 mm TB BBK cold air intake BBK x pipe Air pump delete Ac delete All emissions delete Clutch fan delete Duel 10" electric fans Custom paint on motor/all brackets accessories. Polished upper intake Mac shorty headers Full 2 1/2 Exhaust Double roller timing chain Roller lifters MSD cap rotor 8.8 mm wires Blaster coil Subframe connectors 3.73 posi Waiting on e 303 cam Motor mounts Stock heads getting port and polished/ gasket matched, by me. High flow oil pump Paint

First Start of the Project 1972 Mustang Fastback | Small Block Ford 302 H.O. Nitrous Injected Roller
A wonderful day has arrived. After countless hours of hard work and building, the engine finally purrs on camera. The comp cam lope is noticeable through the audio but gives no justice to how good those magnaflows sounder down below. This was a journey worth taking and I look forward to driving her down the road very soon!