71 Kinds Of Dogs

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Dog on Patrol
Kane patrols the front gate. Sarah with Zsa Zsa when she was a puppy; Dobie and Georgia. July 2009. So Super Now!! Since so many of you would like to have their Doberman with natural ears, just email me soon to reserve yours!! We'll be having a litter about July 19, 2013, of Magnum/Zsa Zsa; email johnoldetowne@yahoo.com or on FB; . 904-583-5486 for more info. Males mature 110-120 lbs. UPDATE: I've left the comment section open on this video for years now. Unfortunately, Kane passed away in his sleep summer 2014, prob of DCM; he had shown no outward signs of any illness ever; came home from work and he was gone. As far as Cropped/Docked or Natural, I've only sold one dog as natural; one other call who after wanting a Natural, called and backed out of a dog; the only people who complain usually are from countries who have banned it; it should be left up to the individual owner; ie Poodles are cropped; many breds are, not just Doberman.

Chihuahua gives birth to a beautiful Puppy Boy
This is the Birth of my Chihuahua's 2nd Baby - head first. Mimbsi has giving birth for the first time to 4 healthy Puppys.

Top Guard Dogs / Aggressive Dogs
This is my own list,your opinion may different from mine,so don't start flaming. If you do like my list,a like is very appreciated. Edited using windows movie maker. I think that these dogs are amazing protectors of human and his property! Some of these amazing dogs are the same for me as far as the place occupied on the list.I like them all , but I needed to put them in some place! Thanks for watching.I hope you enjoy watching my video!