2005 Mercedes Benz C55 AMG (UNEDITED) | Recorded Summer 2011 w/ SASHO BG

This video is for personal memory. Please be respectful! Video link: http://youtu.be/U56xTJly9Q4 "Mercedes Benz C55 AMG"

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2005 Mercedes Benz C55 AMG - eDirect Motors
An absolutely stunning C55 AMG. Tons of power in a small package. An absolute beast on the roads. Please visit our website for 80+ high quality pictures and full info: http://www.edirectmotors.com/inventory.htm

My C55 AMG Introduction and Modification Walk Through!
The C55 makes an official introduction to the channel with some cinematic shots followed by a walk through of the current modifications list! Now that this video has been filmed and put together as well as finally getting a Go Pro, you can expect a lot more videos of my car all the way from tutorials, how-to's, different POV videos with the Go Pro, and other videos that discuss anything about the C55 AMG. My hopes are to reach out to all of the C55 owners out there to create some sort of community among the select few of C55 owners out there. Or, maybe if some of you are debating on whether or not to get a car like this, my videos can help you make a more educated decision! One modification I forgot to mention is my full HID headlight and fog light kit. And for the record, since I know someone is going to say, "You're missing a lug nut on your wheel." To answer this ahead of time, yes, I'm aware lol, the tire shop only had eight of the lug nuts I needed for the back wheels, so I need to go pick up two more. 2015 is off to a great start and expect more awesome content to come! Thanks for Watching and SUBSCRIBE for more!! Follow me on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hnat-Automotive-Photography/270671176304870 https://www.flickr.com/photos/hnatautomotivephotography/ @hnat_automotive_photography

Mercedes C55 Kompressor Burn Out Wörthersee 2011 AMG
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Cette vidéo traite de C55 AMG sound VS C63 AMG sound