Motorcycles going 180mph + on 105 Freeway

Here is a video clip of a few Hayabusa's going 180 + on the 105 freeway. The video is a little sketchy because I was filming one handed at about 120 mph

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Motorcycle Crash Compilation 2016 (Part 3)
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Motorcycle Stunters VS. Cops Compilation #2 - FNF
Watch from adrenaline rushing perspectives as these crazy and talented motorcycle stunters challenge authority and escape from police! Will they all escape? Watch and find out! Credits: ALL VIDEOS SUBMITTED ANONYMOUSLY! Check out these channels that are listed in random order if you'd like to see more clips like these! Intro Clip: Anonymous rider. Intro audio: Anonymously submitted to check his channel to see the actual video of that encounter. #1 - YT: #1 - IG: #1 - IG: #2 - Anonymous rider. #3 - YT: #3 - IG: #3 - IG: #4 - IG: #5 - YT: #5 - IG: #5 - IG: #6 - Anonymous rider. THESE ACTIONS PRESENTED IN THESE VIDEOS ARE ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS. We suggest you do not attempt to recreate these videos. Every video clip in this compilation was filmed on a closed course in Mexico with professional drivers as part of a police training initiative. CLIP CREDIT LISTED IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER. ALL CLIPS WERE SENT IN FROM FRIENDS WHO RECEIVED THEM FROM ANONYMOUS RIDERS.

200 MPH Speeds Motorcycles Isle of Man
200MPH speeds are regularly reached by riders in the Isle of Man race and the village course makes the view for spectators almost surreal.

Commuting Follies 2 - Motorcycle Lane Splitting on the 91 Freeway from the riders perspective
One section of my commute in Riverside County (between the fastrack exit and the 15 freeway). If you were ever sitting in a car and wondered what those people on motorcycles were doing and what it felt like, here is one view of it.