2L Turbocharged Zetec on the Dyno

This is a 2 litre turbo Zetec I built many years ago. The rough starting was due to it a) being a brand new calibration and b) the starter motor was causing some electrical noise resulting in the ECU re-setting itself randomly on crank. It made just over 300bhp on the Dyno before a small crack was discovered around one of the spark plugs in the head. This didn't affect the running of the engine at all but the mapping wasn't able to be 100% completed. Even though, this engine produced over 300 ft-lb of torque from 2700-6000rpm. The engine was stripped down and checked, all OK and a brand new head installed. No longer required for the project, this engine was sold on.

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Starting up the Zetec 2.0 Turbo
Starting up my engine after a new battery install

Escort Zetec TURBO
Fotos e Videos - Escort Zetec 1.8 16v turbo, com 0,6 de pressão. Testes do video feito pelo mecanico. Aguardem a PARTE 2 do video...

zetec turbo drag RWD first start
tube chassis drag car 2.0 Zetec turbo GTX4094R MoTec ect.ect.

Homemade Ford Focus Zetec Turbo System Overview
Just a little overview talking about how I went about making my own turbo system. There may be glaring issues with this, but according to my research, pretty much everything is okay. Before you judge too harshly, I fabricated everything myself, and this was my first time working with forced induction. The only thing I would really change is I would probably go with higher quality fuel injectors. They're really not that much more, but there's much more peace of mind. *Update: The Chinese fuel injectors are total garbage. They were causing really weird tuning issues, and are simply not a safe or reliable option. I have since purchased some quality 42lb injectors and am in the process of getting the car re-tuned. Don't make the same mistake I did, go with quality first.