Tutorial: Heel & Toe Downshift (read description first!!)

This is my attempt at a tutorial for people who want to see how a heel and toe downshift is done. Please exercise caution! Practice until you feel comfortable with traffic around. Doing this wrong could cause damage to your drive train and/or an accident. I will not be held responsible for your attempts. For those of you who already know this technique then skip the vid:) I'm not showing you anything new! The purpose of a heel and toe downshift is to match the revs to your engine when when braking for a corner or stopping. This way your car is in the correct power band and the damage to your drivetrain is kept at a minimum. Think about it you're slamming two objects that are rotating at different speeds together so if you don't rev match it's really harsh on your car. By rev matching this way you can make sure your car's revs are in the correct powerband for your car to power out of corners and reduce bogging. Sorry I didn't talk much during the live demonstration but it was too loud in the car. Again if you are not familiar with this and it is your first time, please practice in an empty parking lot. Make sure your motions and timing are fluid to reduce the damage to your drive train. Thank you everyone for watching!

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Nick is back to teach you how the 3 ways to downshift in a manual car. HEEL-TOEing is obviously his favorite!! Be sure to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE!! Follow us on... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wastegatemedia/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wastegateme... For 15% off all StickerBoost merchandise use the code "wgm15" at https://www.stickerBoost.com/ref/Wast...

Heel-Toe Shifting Lesson In 2 Minutes
A "must know" driving skill you should master before you hit the race track at top speeds - Heel Toe shifting. Making your shifting & gear transitions smoother, to better your lap times. It is also a safer technique, to have more control of your vehicle speeds & weight transfer. Professional Driver, Ray Piloto will walk you through step by step. SUBSCRIBE!

Fundamental Skills of Heel-and-Toe
This is a more complete and revised version of a shorter demonstration video I made on the heel-and-toe technique back in May. This demonstration video summarizes and demonstates the fundamental skills involved and how the combined skills are used to master the heel-and-toe technique. The exercise numbers (#1-11) reference the written version of the 20-exercise guide by Garage Woolery. The remaining 9 exercises are advanced versions of the first 11.

How to Heel and Toe Like Senna: Step-By-Step Tutorial
Driver 61's professional racer, Scott Mansell, explains what the heel and toe technique is all about and how to rev match in your road, track day or race car. For the full article and cheat sheet go to: http://bit.ly/D61HeelAndToe Here's what we're going to cover: - What the heel and toe technique actually is - Why we would want to downshift this way - A step by step guide about how to heel and toe, including the order of your inputs and how to position your feet - The best way to practice heel and toe, so you’re well prepared before you try it on the circuit Heel and toeing is a technique whereby you match your car’s engine speed or revs to your car’s wheel speed to create a smooth downshift. If you don’t match the engine’s rev to the wheel speed you risk locking up the driven axle and destabilising the car. You do this by using your right foot across both the brake and accelerator pedals; toe on the brake and heel (or the side of your foot) on the accelerator pedal. If you want to learn more about driving on track, please visit the Driver 61 website at http://bit.ly/d61University For more videos, how to and circuit guides please SUBSCRIBE to our channel. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- What's it like driving a retro F1 car? Find out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wagsTR9ZH4 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-