bagged nissan hardbody

this me dragging my 91 nissan HB.

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nissan hardbody no bag no hyd ver3
3inch body droped hardbody run

Dave's Nissan Hardbody
Dave made this i didnt, nice truck tho

limbo contest at drop n destroy 09

Scrapin' The Coast 2012 Ep. 6 - The Last Ride
The famous wrecked hardbodies video! The first clip is of the two hardbodies going to park in the Coliseum after a night of cruising. Late that night a drunk driver smashed into the back of the copper hardbody and sent it flying a full car length into the back of the green hardbody. It was a hit and run but they caught the drunk girl and threw her ass in jail. The same guy owned both of the trucks; I don't know what I would do if I was him. That sucks.