Saturn Ion Redline Turbo In car 130 MPH Pull

Some Playing around with My old Saturn ION Redline. Supercharger Was removed and a Custom turbo kit was built (By OpenExcessMotors). This is stock internals with stock transmission on a 2004 Ion Redline 2.0 LSJ.

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Stage 3 Saturn Ion Redline
Just a quick 70mph pull in 2nd, no traction at all. Damp cold minnesota roads wet from melted snow.

2004 Saturn Ion Redline ZZP s256et turbo swap 498hp
Completely stock longblock LSJ. Highest horespower stock longblock in the country. Made 508/445 on 28psi. ZZP s256et, 80# injectors, OTTP Return System, DW300 pump, E85. This video is on 26psi.

turbo saturn vs. supra
4-door turbo saturn vs. supra

ion red line vs Ls1