fowler traction engine single cylinder 6nhp.

me on my fowler traction engine at bon accord rally at castle fraser in aberdeen.june 2008. its got a good bark at the chimmey. and an 3 chime whistle.

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Ransomes Traction Engine Restoration
The restoration of Richard Hemington's 7 h.p. Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Traction Engine No.26995 "Mendip Lady". Purchased in 1996 with a new inner firebox already fitted, the remains were dragged out of paperclip factory in Clacton on Sea and taken to Little Tey in Essex for reconstruction. Work shown includes cutting the firehole in the new inner, fitting and riveting a new smokebox and the renewal of wasted rivets and stays with the assistance of the late Kim Malyon. After fitting the front wheels, it is lit up for the first time and the valve timing set, darkness falling before it moves under it's own steam.

4 Inch Scale Garrett Traction Engine
Hi This vid shows a beautiful 4" scale traction engine running at Cultra. Hope you enjoy it, feel free to like, comment and subscribe, I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks

Miniature Traction Engine first successful steaming
The is the first successful steaming of my 4" Burrell Road Loco made from a Steam Traction World kit. It has taken me nearly 4 years to get to this point,

fowler traction engine
A 1923 fowler traction engine at a steam rally at ballymena in ireland. this engine is owned by the bradley family from kilrea.