fowler traction engine single cylinder 6nhp.

me on my fowler traction engine at bon accord rally at castle fraser in aberdeen.june 2008. its got a good bark at the chimmey. and an 3 chime whistle.

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Simple Steam The Myfordboy Traction Engine Part 12 Gas Burner
The burner for the engine is made from a cheap ( less than £3.00) pencil burner. It can be filled with gas lighter fuel. Details of the castings used can be seen here

Simple Steam The Myfordboy Traction Engine Part 6
Bushes are made for the gears and the hind axle and gear train is installed.

Simple Steam The Myfordboy Traction Engine Part 9 Front Axle and Wheels
This time the engine gets the front wheels fitted. For castings, gears and plans please visit

Simple Steam, The Myfordboy Traction Engine Part 1
My simple steam engine design . ( was quite successful so I have designed a traction engine using the same cylinder and engine parts. This follows the same concept as the steam engine, simplifed construction, it could be a beginners model or a quick build for an experienced builder. The smokebox and chimney are one casting and there will be castings for the wheels and flywheel. The simple boiler is gas fired using a cheap pencil blowtorch. It could be likened to a Mamod or Wilesco model but the appearance should be more realistic. I have fitted the cylinder in it's correct position on top of the boiler and there are proper hornplates attached to the boiler. The next video shows how the boiler is made. If there is enough interest a can supply castings and plans. More details here