Aston Martin One-77 HARD REVS SOUND

Aston Martin One-77 HARD REVS SOUND A brown (yes brown!) Aston Martin One-77 starting up and revving quite a bit. I really like the car and it sounds very nice in person, but that colour doesn't work in any way. It would look much better in blue. Photo to show the colour clearly, look at it if you are in any doubt. Sorry about the bad angle in the second clip! The Agera engine cover was opened and the owner didn't close it again until the Aston had stopped revving. It should have looked like the first clip lol. I also have videos of the Koenigsegg Agera, Mclaren MP4-12C and the Ferrari Enzo (Straight pipes - it sounds good). The event was Wilton House Supercars 2011, and it was a great day. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I filmed this with my Sony HDR-CX115! Buy one here; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aston Martin One-77 hard revs acceleration Aston Martin One-77 hard revs acceleration Aston Martin One-77 hard revs acceleration Check out my Flickr stream for way more interesting spots and cool photos! Nitrous, Need for speed, gran turismo, jay z, eminem, rihanna, trance, drum and bass, Armin van buuren, , London supercars, supercars, cars in London, hypercars, sportscars, Ferrari, Ferrari enzo, scuderia, 16m , maranello, superamerica, 599 GTO, FXX Evolutione, Challenge Stradale , Modena, Spyder, Lamborghini, Valentino Balboni, LP560-4, LP570-4 Superleggera, LP640 roadster, LP670-4 SV, Lamborghini Reventon Roadster, Diablo SV, Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4, Bugatti Veyron V Mclaren F1, Top Gear, Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir, Sang D'argent, Sang Bleu, Grand Sport, Acceleration , Exhaust Note, Decat Tubi Revs, Revving cars , Mercedes Mclaren F1 SLR, SLS AMG, SL65 AMG Black series, S Class, BMW M5 M3, Maserati Gran turismo s, Maserati MC12, MC Victory, Mansory Cyrus, Mansory Tuning, Kahn, Koenigsegg CCXR , CCX , Aggera, Travita, Pagani Zonda, Zonda R, C9, C12 s, Horacio pagani, Ferrari 458 Italia, Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button, matte black supercars, chrome, rims, Fast , F1, valentine rossi, murcielago, Gallardo superleggera, audi r8 v10 spyder, Aston martin dbs volante, Aston martin 0ne 77, , ultimate aero ssc, brabus Mercedes, fifth gear, evo magazine, fastest cars in the world, Bentley mulsanne, supersports, gt speed, e gear, 50 cent cars, gemballa avalanche, Porsche carrera gt, 911 turbo acceleration, concept Porsche, alfa romeo 8c competizione spyder, dodge viper, corvette zr1, tesla, ascari, novitec rosso, gullwing, stirling moss edtn slr, goodwood festival of speed, MPH, car meets, top marques Monaco, arab supercars, dubai supercars, rich, middle east, arab money, oil money, rich middle east, ariel, artega, ascari, b engineering, baur, caterham, de tomaso, farbio, fisker, gumpert apollo s, Nissan gtr, ktm xbow, lexus, lotus evora, maybach, morgan, mosler, noble, rolls-royce ghost, coupe, drophead, spyker c8 laviolette, spyker aileron, ssc, reventon roadster, veritas, venturi, wiesmann, best Exhaust sounds, best acceleration sounds, best revs, exotics on road, auto gespot, gt3, Mustang, ac cobra, supercar, hamman, supersports, lewis Hamilton, street racing, zenvo, arab supercars in london, cruising in cars rebecca black friday fx70 lp700-4 aventador huayra f14bigal f70 gt3 rs 4.0 mp4 12c rap dance topgear Wilton House Supercars 2011

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Aston Martin ONE-77 awesome Sounds!
Here is a video of ONE-77 number 18 I spotted in London recently. This car is Arabic and is one of the many Exotic cars in London after Ramadan is over. Subscribe: Supercar Scene: This car is from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and it is just stunning. It is Pearl White and features Red and black interior. I think those Colours go really well with each other and make this car look even more stunning. Flickr:

Aston Martin One-77 engine, acceleration sound & other Aston

Aston Martin One-77 - Furious Revs!
Like the One-77 on Facebook: Visit the One-77 registry for more videos and pictures: One of the world's most amazing cars, the Aston Martin One-77 is shown here letting off a little bit of steam with some HUGE revs. At the end you hear it leaving with a V8 Vantage tuned by Bamford Rose. Filmed at the 2011 Wilton House event, organised by JayKayBi. For Wilton House 2012, please see the event page on Facebook: Camera: Shot on a Sony CX520 in FullHD and uploaded in 1080p Location: Wilton House, UK Don't forget to check out my blog at - videos/pics/news of all things cars and like Shmee150 on Facebook at to get the latest updates straight to your feed! All feedback on my videos is appreciated! Thanks for watching, Tim

BMW 8 Series vs Aston Martin DB11
BMW 8 Series Concept vs Aston Martin DB11. Now that BMW has presented us with its latest 8 Series Concept, the Bavarian brand finally has a proper Grand Tourer. Sure, there’s the 6 … Now that BMW has presented us with its latest 8 Series Concept, the Bavarian brand finally has a proper Grand Tourer. Sure, there’s the 6 Series Gran Coupe and the 5 Series Gran Turismo, but those don’t count. A GT car should be a big, front-engine coupe with a long hood, short rear deck, serious power and seductive styling. A proper GT car is something like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, Ferrari California and Aston Martin DB11. So we thought it a good idea to compare the design of the new 8 Series with the Aston to see how BMW’s latest attempt compares to one of the best in the world. It’s actually remarkable how similar the two cars are. Both feature such similar proportions that are classic GT car. Both hoods extend out far from the cabin and dive toward the ground at the front. Out back, both cars have incredibly short rear decks and both feature thin taillights. It must be said, though, that the Aston’s circular Exhausts are significantly better than the weirdly trapezoidal ones. Now, if you asked me if the 8 Series was as good looking as the Aston Martin DB9, I’d laugh at you. The DB9 is perfect. This new DB11, though, isn’t the prettiest of Astons so these two cars are very close, in terms of looks. But it’s interesting to see how similar they are as well. Inside, the BMW 8 Series takes the win, hands down. Yes, it’s just a concept at the moment, so it’s not the definitive cabin for the production car. However, it’s still better than the DB11’s. Again, if this were the DB9, it’d be no contest. Sitting in a DB9 feels like putting on a perfectly tailored Savile Row suite. The DB11, by comparison, seems cheap and bland and just not nearly as premium or bespoke as Astons of the previous generation. The 8 Series, though, seems expensive, high-tech and even minimalist in a way that feels special. Plus, it has better tech and it’s not even production-ready yet. Overall, I actually think the BMW 8 Series can hang with the Aston Martin DB11. Admittedly, the DB11 isn’t one of the brand’s best attempts but it’s still a very pretty thing. But, if it were my money, based on both the exterior and interior, I think I’d go for the BMW.