Dodge Neon - After Head Gasket/Heating Core Repair

Just a short overview after getting the engine put back together and cleaning the motor up a bit, and then getting it back under the hood.

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Rebuilding a Dodge Neon in 10 min.

evaporator replacement dodge neon 2002
Don't forget to disconnect the battery...Take off BOTH battery cables and wait about 2 hours.... to make sure that all energy is completely gone from airbag capacitors and air begs not gonna activate while performing this labor !!! step by step evaporator core replacement with pictures and videos. it's a very big project it takes 10-15 hours for a skilled mechanic to perform it depending on vehicle make and model. it took me about 35 hours to do it....

2002 Dodge Neon Evaporator & Heater Core Replacement

Motor Chrysler Neon 2.0 Lts. 16 V. cambio de banda de distribución Change timing belt.
Change timing belt Chrysler Neon 2.0 Lt 16 V.