Reo Speedwagon 1929 Truck starting up.

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1931 Ford Model A. First start since 1965!
It's alive!! First start since 1965! Our family has owned this Model A since the early 90s. It has just been sitting in our shop since. With lots of other cars this one always got overlooked. I finally decided to pull it out of her parking spot and see if it would start. :) I accidentally called it a Buick because we have had 31 Buick for years.. so when I said 31 Buick just came out. LOL

1930 Model A First Run After 40 Years
This Model A belonged to my great-grandfather. After sitting in my Dad's barn for 40 years, it is time to restore it as a father/son project.

1918 Mack Truck starting up 2

1927 REO Truck - Slide Pack
I'm working on an old 1927 REO truck that has been left open to the weather for many years and as a result is in a fairly poor state. However it is not past the point where it cannot be restored, so join me on a journey to see if I can get it back on the road.