Reo Speedwagon 1929 Truck starting up.

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Reo truck
allter reo truck bei ersten mal anlassen

Ford F500 First start up after 26 years in a barn
Ford F500 Old fire truck in sweden. First start after beeing in a barn for 26 years. Changed some electrics and a new battery. New gasoline also of course

818 start
Did the preflight check on this 818 tractor for a friend. Just won it last week. Had been sitting about a month according to the site guy and the batts were dead. So running condition while assumed to be good was an unknown. After i put in 2 new NAPA 810 CCA batteries here is what happened.

Dodge Army Truck First Run WWII 1940
First start and run of Dodge VF-402 1.5 ton Army dump truck; hasn't run in probably 15-20 years (judging by condition of cloth-covered spark plug wires). New battery and tune-up, oil changed. No ether. Ran good but couldn't drive due to gas pedal broken. No, I didn't get it running before shooting the vid!