Flits Engine Swap Honda Civic d16 to b18

Uploaded again, this time with freeware audio to prevent Youtube from blocking the video because of copyright issues. A timelapse video swapping a Honda Civic d16y8 to a b18c4 Before posting replies about the lamb-doors, I suggest that you check my latest video first ;)

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HOW TO B18 Swap Parts List and Guide - Honda Civic EK9 Build
Hit SUBSCRIBE and turn on Notifications for new videos! - https://goo.gl/LLojcS how to B18 Swap Parts List and guide - Honda Civic Ek9 Build is compiled to help anyone with a project civic "b18 swap" that they are looking to complete. I'm not drag racing, but I will say this thing rips due to being lightweight and Honda should have put the B18 swap into all honda civic hatchback of this era. Truly changes the whole character of the car and the fitment is spot on. "Project Civic" Parts listed below w/ option numbers Time to run through all of the parts I used to swap a OBDIIa B18C engine from an Acura Integra GSR into a OBDIIa Civic DX hatchback. Subscribe to Follow My Build! - http://goo.gl/hi9yB2 Hondapartshero harness - https://goo.gl/fguxyK Civic SI T Bracket - https://goo.gl/iTB1WY B20 CRV 2 post Bracket Mount Or https://goo.gl/JHzdTK Civic DX Transmission bracket and mount Civic DX Clutch hard line on engine and transmission bracket mount Or Engine Mount Kit - https://goo.gl/dBcEKc Integra GSR upper/lower Radiator Hoses - https://goo.gl/79lKgj Integra GSR heater hose - https://goo.gl/uXiRwA Yonaka Exhaust - https://goo.gl/t8sW0u This guide was hopefully thorough enough for all performing a civic swap with an OBD2 start. I am planning to create the honda engine swap guide for other Honda civic chassis and OBD1, 2 cars. The wiring is really all that changes. To complete this build, the honda civic swap cost is actually very low for anyone looking for a fun budget civic project car. "Project Civic" Hatchback Build Episodes: Episode 1: https://goo.gl/2ZWgT1 Episode 2: https://goo.gl/Uk23aC Episode 3: https://goo.gl/knN406 Episode 4: http://goo.gl/JsGwAv Episode 5: http://goo.gl/9S1XFn Episode 6: https://goo.gl/D3Bxfy Episode 7: https://goo.gl/Trz5xc Episode 8: https://goo.gl/26iosP Episode 9: https://goo.gl/u00iAI How To Compression Test: https://goo.gl/kqVwdi Swap Integra Seats into a Civic EK: https://goo.gl/HvuZ2r B18C Swap Parts || Civic Hatch How To : https://goo.gl/7eahQe Honda B18C Engine Swap Update and Pulls: https://goo.gl/21PGD5 Flipping Car Parts On Ebay And Craigslist: https://goo.gl/9VQpoN Welcome to Stauffer Garage! I am beginning an EK civic project car build and will be documenting the entire process vlog style along with tutorials and updates. I have picked up an Integra GSR for cheap and will be pulling the B18C and all other components that will fit and putting them onto my Civic. Goals for this car are to make it daily but it will be primarily a track day weapon! Boost might come into play along with other mayhem! Not a drift car build, but this will certainly be closer to a race car build when all is said and done for this little hatchback Be sure to subscribe to follow along with this build and the other projects that come along! Business Inquiries: thestauffergarage@gmail.com

b series engine swap (step by step)
this is a video showing how to remove a engine from a integra step by step showing just how easy it is to do it yourself

$500 TYPE R engine
This video is about $500 TYPE R engine

7 Most Interesting Engine Swaps You Have Ever Seen
This video features some of the best and interesting engine swaps. Which one is your favorite? Subscribe for new videos: http://bit.ly/2nFw0JF