Extra LOUD!!!!

SLP Loudmouth Exhaust + Pacesetter Longtubes W/ORY= LOUD

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Death of a 10bolt
My bad. Trying to get a better time set the rearend to heaven.

LS1 WS6 with Longtubes, Xpipe, Dual Loudmouth II mufflers
Quick camera phone video for new Exhaust setup. Crappy sound quality. Sounds way better in person. Smooth, tame, yet noticeable Exhaust. Tailpipes to the bumper are on a flange, and easily installed and removed. Stock 3.42 gear 10bolt. (Now has a Moser 9" with 4.11s) Mods that affect the sound: Patriot 225/229 .580/.590 114+4 cam, Pacesetter Longtubes, 3" x-pipe into dual SLP Loudmouth II mufflers dumped. Picture of new tips: http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/465604_3827014562942_4610209 12_o.jpg

Kid Talks About His V6 Mustang
Watch out for the seven and a half inch pistons!!!

1999 Trans Am - Cam Only - Dyno 445 whp
**Fast forward to 0:45 for the actual pull** My car getting Dyno tuned at The Shop in Norwalk, CT. The car made 445whp on their Dynamics Dyno with no AFR reading (due to the Exhaust shaking so much). Timing set at 33*. All pulls were in 4th gear. (6 speed) Mods: Comp Cams Custom Grind .610/.613 lift 242/246 duration 110 LSA 7.4" Pushrods Patriot Gold Valve Springs QTP Long Tube Headers & Catless Y-Pipe SLP Loud Mouth II Catback Lid Stock TB, MAF, LS1 Intake, 853 heads.