STS 28 Engine out of box

Enjoy the out of boxing review of this STS .28 Nitro engine, Seems very lightweight so far and looks good quality. We shall see if my opinion changes once it's been fitted and started. Thanks, and more videos coming soon to Website:

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Disastrous Engine fitting experience - STS .28 in Schumacher Swift
Enjoy the video! I know for certain that I didn't enjoy fitting the engine. More videos coming soon to Website: Cheers

STS D28M Nitro Engine
STS Engine, D28M Displacement: Metric: 4.6cc SAE: 0.28ci Very hard to tune. This engine runs away and overheats too often. Could use better quality; has air leaks, and too high of a compression ratio.

First Tank of STS .28
Enjoy this First tank of Break in of this STS .28 Nitro engine, fitted in the Schumacher Swift. More videos coming soon, inc. Break in videos, Maiden & Bashing. MSN/Email:

Hpi Trophy Truggy with STS .28 engine
Hpi Trophy Truggy running an STS .28 3 port engine, not properly tuned yet