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BMX Pro John Ludwick's VW Fox wagon and mini-tank

John Ludwick's and his friends take to the streets in a Fox wagon and mini-tank for a behind the scenes look at his feature in eurotuner magazine. The November issue is in stores now. For more information check out www.eurotuner.com


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VW GTI with 800hp mid-engine V6 turbo
Featured in the December 2010 issue of eurotuner magazine, check out this incredible Golf GTI from 034Motorsport in Fremont, CA. It features a mid-mounted single-turbo Audi S4 2.7T V6 with custom chargecooler and subframe plus Porsche rear end, Porsche suspension and brakes all round. It also has a custom widebody for the Porsche wheels. Dyno runs have seen power in excess of 800hp. Read the full story in the December issue or check out www.eurotuner.com This car will also compete in the 2010 eurotuner GP, which will appear in the February 2011 issue of eurotuner, and video will be available here at www.youtube.com/eurotuner or at www.eurotuner.com

Hoonigan RWB Porsche 911 Turbo
A behind the scenes look at our photo shoot with the Hoonigan RWB Porsche 911 turbo for eurotuner Magazine's March 2012 issue. For the full feature check out eurotuner.com

H20 International VW/Audi show
We proudly present our 2011 video show coverage of H20i in Ocean City, MD. For the full write up and photos be sure to check eurotuner magazine December 2011 issue or online at eurotuner.com

Car football - Volkswagen Fox vs. Aygo - Top Gear - BBC
Top Gear's Richard Hammond captains his car football champions Aygo and battles against James May's VW Fox team in a new Car Football World Cup Final. Which small smart car will win in this free racing auto game? Subscribe to see all the reviews, races and challenges: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=topgear Top Gear YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/topgear TopGear.com website: http://www.topgear.com Top Gear Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/topgear Top Gear Twitter: http://twitter.com/BBC_topgear This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.

Mini Tank Construction Process(Includes Art Show)
http://www.youtube.com/user/gregus124 for all updated videos

Computador de bordo e I-System | VW FOX-URBAN & SOUND |
Bom galera, qualquer duvida é só deixar ai nos comentarios que eu estarei respondendo o mais rápido possível. Pra dar uma forcinha, da LIKE no video, favorita ai e se inscreve no canal pra receber videos novos sobre o fox ( Acabamento, iluminação, rebatimento dos bancos, som, opcionais, consumo e etc... ). Abração ai galera, e até o proximo video. Valeu!

1.8T Big Turbo VW Fox startup
The VW Fox idling.

CrossFox 1.6 2014 (Detalhes) HD
Itens de série e opcionais: Dados site VW Maiores informações no link do site VW abaixo. www.vw.com.br/pt/carros/CrossFox/versoes_.html 1.6 101cv (G) / 104cv (A) - 5.250rpm MÓDULO TECNOLÓGIO V VOLANTE MULTIFUNCIONAL EM COURO REVESTIMENTO EM COURO SINTÉTICO "NATIVE" RODAS DE LIGA-LEVE 15" + PNEUS 205/60 R15 91H DE USO MISTO RODAS DE LIGA-LEVE 15" DIAMANTADAS+PNEUS 205/60 R15 91H DE USO MISTO TETO SOLAR 1 luz de leitura na frente, 2 luzes de leitura atrás 4 alto-falantes e 2 tweeters 4 portas Adesivo coluna B externa Air bag duplo frontal Alarme com imobilizador eletrônico Alternador trifásico 90 A Alças de segurança no teto Amplificador de sinal da antena Antena no teto Apoios de cabeça atrás (3 peças) Apoios de cabeça para bancos dianteiros, reguláveis em altura Ar-condicionado Aviso sonoro de estacionamento Banco do motorista com ajuste de altura Banco traseiro corrediço Banco/encosto traseiro totalmente rebatível Botão da alavanca de mudanças esportivo Carcaça do espelho retrovisor externo pintada Chave canivete com controle remoto (reserva simples) Cinto de segurança abdominal traseiro central estático Cintos de segurança automáticos de três pontos na frente com tensor do cinto e ajuste de altura Cintos de segurança laterais traseiros de três pontos retráteis Cobertura do porta-malas, rebatível Coifa da alavanca de mudanças em couro sintético Coluna de direção regulável Comando rotativo do farol pintado Destravamento da tampa traseira pelo lado de dentro (elétrico) Detalhes internos pintados Direção hidráulica Display multifuncional + comando I-System Espelho de cortesia iluminado no pára-sol direito Espelho de cortesia iluminado no pára-sol esquerdo Espelho retrovisor externo com ajuste elétrico e rebatimento automático no lado direito ao engate da ré Espelho retrovisor interno dia/noite Farol de neblina (integrado) Faróis com máscara negra Filtro de poeira e pólen Freios a disco dianteiros Freios ABS com EBD Freios de tambor traseiros Friso de proteção lateral Gaveta sob o banco do motorista Grade de proteção do radiador Iluminação no porta-malas Janelas laterais e traseiras em vidro isolante térmico Lanterna de freio, elevada Lanterna de neblina Lavador e limpador do vidro traseiro com temporizador Longarinas do teto Luz indicadora de direção nos espelhos retrovisores Luz interna com interruptores de contato nas portas Painel de instrumentos com conta-giros Porta-copos no console central Porta-objetos Porta-objetos no porta-malas Pára-brisa, vidro isolante térmico com faixa colorida Pára-choque esportivo Rede no porta-mala Revestimento das portas Revestimento do fundo do porta-malas standard Revestimento dos bancos em tecido Revestimento lateral em carpete no porta -malas Suspensão Elevada Tampa do porta-luvas, com lâmpada Temporizador do limpador do pára-brisa Tomada 12V no console e no porta-malas Travamento central com controle remoto por radiofrequência e acionamento interno Vidro traseiro aquecível Vidros elétricos

Japanese Ricer VIP Convention!
Japanese VIP Style. I honestly have no idea what they were/are thinking, must be a japanese thing. I think its a waste of perfectly good corrolla's XD

1989 VW FOX with only 1,290 original miles
I'm showing a 1989 VW Fox in brand new condition, with only 1,290 original miles, it has A/C .It looks like someone forgot to sell this one 21 years ago

Stupidly low volkswagens
Starttia Bug Run -09:iin parkkihallista

1988 VW Fox Wagon, (2.0 8V ABA, CIS)
I sold my '85 Skylark and found this really neat little '88 Fox for a commuter. Just about everything is covered in the video. I always end up with bad video clip organization, so feel free to ask questions. I am new to Volkswagens, and am still learning, so be easy folks!

Mini Tank
Mini tracked vehicle to carry person in wheelchair, two electric motors, joy stick steering.

VAG EVENT 2010 The Movie Full Lenght
Here it finally is online, the long awaited Wolfsgruppe VAG Event 2010 - the movie. We hope it will take you back to those epic moments we shared back in the July of 2010 in the lovely town of Zerkow, Poland. Do not forget the date of July 1-3, 2011 when 4th edition of our show will take place. Let this picture give you some extra Boost so needed when getting ready for the upcoming season! Due to the rights of the artists whose songs were used, we'd like to stress that this film is a non-profit work and was made purely for fun and joy of possible viewers. The sponsors who supported us, did it solely to improve the quality of the cinema premiere. http://www.wolfsgruppe.com/ Soundtracks: Anno Domini Beats ft. Scarebeatz - Screwed Up Onnex + Miami Beaks - "Might Like You Better" feat. Amanda Blank The Glitch Mob - Beyond Monday Mindthings - Elle The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days Thermostatic - Make Believe

1988 VW Fox, March 2012 + Something Strange
A defective oil filter? Hard to believe... but I'm not sure how else to explain what happened. I sat there waiting for oil pressure to build, but it never did. The moment we switched back to the old filter the engine got to pressure almost instantly. The Wix was returned and replaced by a Bosch which worked as it should. Part numbers were all correct. Oil level was right in the middle of the 'safe' area on the dipstick. 'Man. Some days.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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