Le Mans 24 Hour 2008 Crash - MG-Lola

On board demo footage of MG-Lola crash during the Le Mans 24 Hour Race in 2008 using TransVu Mobile DVR from AD Group (http://www.ad-group.co.uk)

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Le Mans 1999 Mercedes CLR Onboard and Crash
Onboard lap in the Mercedes CLR with Christophe Bouchut and Peter Dumbreck's massive accident.Highlights of the 1999 Le Mans 24 Hour race, which was billed as the Race of The Millenium

2001 - Le Mans - Chaos in the rain
At 4.12pm, the rain began to hurl down at Indianapolis and the Porsche Curves. It was a difficult time as practically all of the cars were on slicks! In order of the incidents in the video clip: 4.14pm: Stefan Johansson (Johansson Motorsport Audi R8-2000) obtains some frontal damage at Indianapolis but is able to limps on. 4.15pm: Eric Bernard (DAMS Cadillac Northstar LMP 01) spins off into the gravel at Porsche Curves. 4.16pm: The #7 Bentley EXP Speed 8 pits for fuel and tyres. Ralf Kelleners spins his #3 Champion Racing Audi R8-2001 at Porsche Curves but is able to carry on. The #58 Larbre Comp├ętition Chrysler Viper GTS-R limps into the garage for a rebuild. Five cars have spun at Porsche Curves and the track is blocked. 4.18pm: The safety cars are out. The five cars stranded at the Porsche Curves are: Toni Seiler in his #61 Konrad Motorsport Saleen S7-R. David Terrien in his #61 Equipe de France FFSA Chrysler Viper GTS-R. Milka Duno in her #37 Dick Barbour Racing Reynard 01Q. Martin O'Connell in his #35 S & R Rowan Racing Ltd Pilbeam MP84. Anthony Reid in his #34 MG Sport & Racing Ltd Lola EX257 would need a new rear wing as the car suddenly snapped away and went on the grass. The rear wing touched the wall and went to the pits. (Not shown in the video I think)

Loic Duval Horror Crash Accident 24H Le Mans 2014 Audi

1984 - Le Mans - John Sheldon's massive crash
Shortly about 9.21pm - quarter distance. The race looked set for a more settled spell as the dusk began to gather, but at 9.15pm a menacing plume of black smoke rom somewhere near the end of the Mulsanne Straight signalled disaster. A minute earlier, the Bovis Nimrod ream had watched as both its cars passed by the pits once more, John Sheldon leading Drake Olson (was running high as 5th place, only for a puncture to drop it down the order) by about 300 metres/ 8 seconds behind, with the American being lapped by Jonathan Palmer in the Canon Porsche as the three cars sped by. On the straight, Sheldon went into the kink at 190mpoh and his car went out of control: there is no firm indication of the reason. The Nimrod went off on the left side of the track, spinning back across the barrier to charge the barrier on the other side. Palmer, following, saw dust and flying debris as he crested the brow before the kink, and braked heavily as hse swung his Porsche through the flat-out right-hander. He saw the Nimrod hurtling out of control down the verge on the right, and then making a second imapct, whereupoon on what was left of the car erupted in flames. The fireball was so intense that it sent the forest alight. As Palmer watched in horror, Olson passed him on the left, still unaware of why Jonathan has suddenly slowed. At this point a piece of wreckage emerged from the right and shot across the track into Olson's path. He swerved to the left, hit the barrier, and spun to a halt on the other side of the road beyond the sister car, the front end of the car damaged bu the American quite unhurt. Palmer contrived to avoid the carnage and continued, but the burning wreck of Sheldon's car was now bloacking the right side of the track itself and the road was covered in debris. Poor Sheldon was still inside the inferno but, fortunately, he was conscious and somehow he contrived to get himself out. As the Nimrod burned to an almost unrecognisable blob of twisted metal, help arrived as marshals reached the scene. WIth the field under the orders of the four pace cars, Sheldon was taken by helicopter to the Trousseau burns unit at Tours. Mercifully, no bones were broken, but John suffered burns to his chest, throat and hands. There were, however, more serious consquences, because, during the incident, a course marshal 42-years old Jacky Loiseau, lost his life, and another, Andre-Guy Lefebvre (48) was seriously injured. While the wreckage was cleared away, the race cars were under yellow conditions for 1 hour 2 minutes. It was discovered that Sheldon suffered a blow-out and his Nimrod became an airborne fireball. Remarkably, a badly burned 'Driller' survived to race another day.