John Wood (JohnnyTSi) - 9.77 @ 141mph - English Racing

*** KEEP UP WITH US : FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK *** John Wood (Johnny TSi) coming in First Place in the Forced Induction Sport Class at the June 2013 Import Face Off at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA

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The 450 HP Crawford Performance Turbo BRZ - /TUNED
We love the FRS and BRZ twins; they offer an approachable limit of performance and phenomenal dynamics in an affordable package. And we learned earlier this season that a bolt-on turbo kit will add to the FRS's performance without taking away from it's character. But what happens when you double the BRZ's horsepower and triple it's torque? We find out.

Xtreme Motorworks Impulse turbo powered Nytro / Raptor 400hp
Xtreme Motorworks built custom Raptor chassis, 4in over front, 14in over SLC swing arm. Powered by a Nytro sled motor, JE pistons, cnc porting, plus one valves, Impulse 2871 race turbo kit with stand alone fuel injection, making 400hp

Border Security (funny discussion) | Meshel Laurie, John Wood, Aamer Rahman, Peter Berner
Hosted by Peter Berner Executive Produced by Darren Chau (the Comedy Channel) Executive Produced by Johnny Lowry 'You Have Been Watching' is an Australian television comedy panel discussion and review television series (based upon the UK series of the same name). Hosted by comedian Peter Berner the series was commissioned by the Comedy Channel Group Programming Director Darren Chau and ranks in the top 5 highest rating local production series in the Comedy Channel's history. Series guests includes John Wood, Meshel Laurie, Aamer Rahman, Ryan Shelton, Fiona O'Loughlin, Dave O'Neil, Chris Taylor, Cal Wilson, Rob Mills, Craig Reucassel, Dave Thornton, Gretel Killeen, Jeff Green, Jason Byrne, Jo Stanley, Mikey Robins, Felicity Ward, Eddie Ifft, Mark Watson, Cal Wilson, James Mathison, Rhys Muldoon, James Kerley, Adam Richard, Denise Drysdale and Tommy Dean.

Honda Civic 1.6 Turbo vs 500hp Toyota Supra Turbo
B16 gt3582r turbo vs 2JZ Twin turbo's