World Challenge Race Long Beach Start 2011

Start of the World Challenge Long Beach race. One car stalls, then there is a big pile up of the touring car class cars.

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1993 SCCA World Challenge at Sears Point
Someone back then asked why I cared about "slow cars". Told them that they were the "Pro" versions of the cars I actually drove. "Why does a summer league player watch Major League Baseball?", I said. Ol' ex-Improved Touring driver wishes he was half as talented as these guys (other SCCA members will know the names!).

1991 SCCA Escort World Challenge at Sears Point (partial)
Tonight! Corvette Challenge cars invade World Challenge. PD Cunningham discovers that there *is* a mid-engined Honda. PLN stretches his legs for half a minute. And Boris discovers why he used a 3rd Gen Camaro to win his amateur championships, instead of a Fox-chassis Mustang. If you didn't hear this comment in Clarkson's voice...I have failed. :D

Mike Skeen: 2011 World Challenge GT from Long Beach
Here are highlights of the 2011 Pirelli World Challenge series race at the Grand Prix of Long Beach riding onboard with Mike Skeen in the #2 Cragar/CRP Racing GT Corvette.

Pirelli World Challenge Road America 2015
Some video clips of the Pirelli World Challenge weekend at Road America.