World Challenge Race Long Beach Start 2011

Start of the World Challenge Long Beach race. One car stalls, then there is a big pile up of the touring car class cars.

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SCCA Pro World Challange Racing at Long Beach
iEnlive coverage of the 37th annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach in April 2011. The World Challege Racing series takes its toll at the street track, showcasing extremely turbocharged machines without pit stops, and an incredible noise from the race and cars. We hope you enjoy! Complete and extended coverage of motorsports and beyond at All logos are trademarks of their respective companies and organizations in USA and other countries.   © 2000 - 2011 SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge: Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach:

Pirelli World Challenge (SprintX) 2017. Race 1 Virginia International Raceway. Last Laps

2015 Nissan GT R NISMO N Package for Nurburgring
The Nissan GT-R, that ran the 7:08 at Nurburgring, was a N Package. The N Package takes the "normal" NISMO GT-R and ramps that up even more. It is more than likely that we will not see this package in the US. We might be able to get pieces of it, but some items are very difficult for a manufacturer like Nissan to certify. Some of the details. GT-R NISMO "NISMO N ( Nurburgring ) Package" Dark Mat Gray Summer will be released (NISMO-only special paint color) * 2014 Engine power train ● Exclusive Intercooler piping (made of carbon and aluminum) ● Titanium muffler (maker optional) * 3 ● private reception LSD ● Exclusive rear LSD (carbon plate) ● dedicated ECM & TCM Exterior ● Exclusive carbon front fender (with flick) ● only carbon hood Gurney ● dedicated add-on front spoiler ● Exclusive carbon rear wing (with height adjustment function: stage 2, angle adjustment function: 12 steps) Suspension and brake ● Exclusive shock (OHLINS Inc. 4WAY) & exclusive spring ● Exclusive stabilizer (roll stiffness variable) ● dedicated front brake pads Interior ● (left and right, RECARO manufactured by carbon shell type) dedicated full bucket seat ● quilting cloth mat ● Exclusive carbon rear bulkhead * For those who have been selected titanium alloy muffler 3 manufacturer option, it also offers a package of muffler-less specification. More information - Ice Flow Kevin Macleod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

Ken Block Fiesta Rally Stall STPR 2010
This is the video I took of Ken Block starting Day 1 of STPR 2010 in his new Ford Fiesta! The car soundS like it is going to blow up and it stalled 3 times before he even left the lot. Dave Mirra started his car right up and pulled out. Block should have stayed with the SUBARU!! Ken Block went onto not finish the race due to a gear box failure.