70 to 130 in the CTS-V

A quick punch from 70 to 130 in the V2 with two mods: ECU tune and air box opened up.

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CTS-V following a ZR1: world's two best supercars for the money
After doing a burst that is here on another video, who should show up but the only ZR-1 in town. My first sighting.

The Phenomenon of the 2009 CTS-V
Simply the finest, fastest and best value in sports sedans in the world. Thank you Rick Waggoner and GM!

2009 Cadillac CTS-V at drag strip
*EXCUSE THE CAMERAMAN* Car has mickey thompson drag radials and an ecu flash only. Car actually ran better on street tires, 11.90's @ 122. Cant really explain that big of a mph drop off with drag radials just yet (116 vs 122mph). Stay tuned.

cts v 2009, 0 300kmh NEW
My cts v 2009, 0-300kmh Note:- 2 people in car.