My Honda CX-500 '79 customized

This is my everyday bike, my Honda CX-500 '79. It's custom painted, the Exhaust is hand made, the camera doesn't capture the real cool sound but gives you an idea, the saddlebags are "universal"...and the rest of the bike is the same of factory.

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Honda CX500 Ratty feet-forward.
CX500-based cut`n`shut feet-forward type contraption. Function over form. Now a 650, see here;

Honda launch a new 160cc bike :2015 Honda CX 01

Honda CX 500 Sound
Carbs aren't yet tuned , it stutters a bit

Honda cx500 custom bobber running
this is the cx500 bobber running.Outside is 3F thats why it revs at 2K, and its gravity fed because i lined the inside of the tank and it needed some more time to dry(with this damn cold weather)