"Ford Probe" RACE CAR runs 9.00 flat in 1/4 mile DRAG RACE

Mason-Dixon Dragway 9/2/05. Insanely Fast!

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2 Built H22 VTEC Prelude Burnouts
Two Preludes roasting tires for fun. //White JDM H22 built head Type-S cams Quaife LSD. //Black JDM H22 built ported head Skunk2 st.II cams ported im 68mm tb JDM VLSD.

400+ HP EG Civic Hatch vs fast Civic Coupe DRAG RACE, 1/4 mi
This was filmed on 9/2/05 @ mason-dixon dragway. The driver of the hatch was a local tuner friend, Brian Arbogast, who is missed by many. The car is built Type-R turbo.

WRX vs New GTO 1/4 mile DRAG RACE
Mason-Dixon dragway on 9/2/05.

7 second Ford Probe drag-car
Scary fast, in car shots and views from the line. No music. Just listen to the orchestra of the V8