Being chased down Ortega Highway on my pink bike

Didn't know the buddy was filming, but a pretty cool clip! A run down Ortega Highway.

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Fast Harley Cruiser Rider Ortega Hwy
Pretty quick rider on a cruiser chasing down one of my buddies on the way up the elsinore side of Ortega Hwy.

2001 RC51 SP1 Crash at Ortega High Way
crash near on the 1st big 25mph turn. Going 60 to 76mph then cant hold on to the bike and not committed to the turn. Big mistake. hope everyone be safe up there.

Sportbikes tear up Highway 29 Napa Valley California
I work my way up through the pack, as we head up the mountain on the freshly repaved Highway 29, from the Napa Valley - headed towards Middletown. All forward footage shot with the Contour HD. All rear footage shot with the GoPro HD. Cameras mounted on my 2008 CBR1000RR

RX8 Chasing a Ferrari Roadster On Ortega Highway - HD 1080p
RX8 Chasing a Ferrari Roadster On Ortega Highway After a relaxing hike with my awesome friend through the cascades on Ortega Highway we came across a Ferrari roadster doing a U-turn near the turnabout where I was parked. Had a little fun chasing it through the twisties. I apologize for the shakiness. Filmed on an iPhone 4S without a proper mounting solution. I know what I'm asking my girlfriend to get me for my birthday, GoPro camera!