WATCH ME!!! (4/4) How to Downshift - Manual (stick shift) INTERACTIVE LESSON

This video covers downshifting concepts, demonstration and application. Theory behind downshifting/rev-matching: To downshift (with brakes) 1a. Let off the gas and gradually brake to slow down with your right foot. 1b. Step on the clutch pedal with your left foot. 1c. Shift to a lower gear. 1di. Slowly let off the clutch pedal with your left foot while gradually adding gas with your right foot. 1dii. If you're going slow enough for the gear you're in, you can gradually let off the clutch pedal without adding gas. After the clutch is engaged you can step on the gas. To engine brake (without using brakes): 2a. Let off the gas with your right foot to let the engine slow down the car. 2b. Step on the clutch pedal with your left foot. 2c. Shift down. 2d. Add ~3-5k rpm worth of gas with your right foot (varies on your speed and gearing. See revmatch video above). 2e. Gradually release the clutch pedal with your left foot. Repeat 1a to 1d, or 2a to 2e to downshift as necessary. Once you feel comfortable doing these smoothly, you can perform them quicker by adding enough gas and dropping the clutch. FAQ's: Can I switch from 5 gear into 2 or even 1 gear if I am going really fast (possibly going down a mountain path)? You physically can, but I highly recommend against it especially if you're going fast down a hill. You may damage your gears or spin out. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with your car's rpm and speed in each gear. You ideally want to go down to the next lower gear and match the rpm (it will shoot up) per your speed. If you're going too slow (the gas pedal won't be as responsive), downshift to the next lower gear, and repeat until the gas is responsive. Once you're good with that process, you can downshift skipping to the appropriate gear based on your speed. You can also use your brake to help out. Do I have to stay in first as a red light? You do not. You can go intro neutral and step on the brake. Mechanics actually advise against staying in 1st and stepping on the clutch pedal at a red light. It wears out mechanical parts. You'll need to go to 1st when you're about to start again. Interactive tutorial on how to drive stick shift for complete beginners. Comprehensive coverage of concepts, demonstration and application. GRAB YOUR SMARTPHONE, MANUAL CAR, AND START DRIVING! The car is a 2000 Honda Civic Si - Shot with a Canon 60d dslr - and Tokina 12-24 f/4 lens -

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Part 2 of the How to Drive stick series! More info on how I was taught on how to drive stick and I hope I cleared up somethings. People always have different and more effective/efficient ways of driving and I'm sure there are people who are better than me as I am still learning. I hope you guys enjoyed and I helped even if it was just a little :)

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BEFORE YOU COMMENT : -The purpose of this video is only to show the difference between quick shifting and powershifting. -Constructive comments are welcome. -Stop whining about the shape of the transmission. I don't drive like that all day everyday, and it still shifts like butter (must be done properly though). -Whining about the position of my hand on the steering wheel is also irrelevant. I usually drive with both hands on it, but during the making of the video I happened to let one hand on the shifter because I felt like it (multiple shifts on a short time). -Thanks for watching and let the VTEC kick in, yo ! VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Quick lifted shifts vs full throttle powershifts. Powershifting means that you never leave your foot off the gas while shifting. Also added some rev matching near the end.

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PLEASE READ INFO FIRST!!! b4 asking questions. Its a 2005 mini cooper S, i am filipino. The mini has a borla Exhaust and alta cold air intake and a 17% reducation pulley. i remade the advanced part to make it shorter and to get rid of that annoying crackling noise in the last one. if u want to see the moves in slow motion, i made another vid just for that SLOW MOTION OF THE TECHNIQUES i also am adding the videos where i learned all of these from. he is greg from the m5 driving school and he drives an m5 so his hard launch you should follow if u have loads of torque HARD LAUNCH =8&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=1 MODERATE LAUNCH GENTLE LAUNCH DOUBLE CLUTCH HEEL AND TOE THEORY HEEL AND TOE DEMONSTRATION