Driving Sports TV - 2011 Honda CR-Z vs. VW Golf TDI Eco Shootout

Ryan and Aaron disagree as to which car is the future of sporty car fun. Is it the hybrid Honda CR-Z or the diesel Volkswagen Golf TDI? The only way to find out is by putting them to the test! Both cars reviewed and driven.

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Fifth Gear - Citroen DS3 vs Honda CR-Z
Fifth Gear - Citroen DS3 vs Honda CR-Z

DRIVE: Ride Review (Honda CRZ)
The automotive industry goes green with the new Hybrid Car technology. With combined power of a conventional engine and an electric motors assist, hybrid cars provides better fuel economy and lower emissions. James Deakin tests out two of available hybrid cars in the country; the Toyota Prius C and the Honda CRZ. DRIVE is a weekly one-hour motoring program; airs every Sunday at 9PM on 9TV.

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VW Golf vs. VW Scirocco vs. Honda Civic vs. Honda CR-Z on the Karak highway, in traffic.

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There's more similarities between these two cars than just their names. We take them both out on test to see which comes out on top in our series of typical everyday tests. Read more: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/videos/featuresvideos/253597/peugeot_rcz_vs_ho nda_crz.html