How to change model airplane engine bearings (part 1 of 2)

The bearings in most model engines wear out eventually but fortunately changing them is a pretty simple task, requiring no special tools. This video shows you how to change your own bearings and is one of the informational series of videos coming from If you'd like an advertisement included in this video, please contact me.

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How to change model airplane engine bearings (part 2 of 2)
Part two of a video that explains how to replace worn bearings in a model airplane engine. It is one of the informational series of videos coming from If you'd like an advertisement included in this video, please contact me. If you found this video to be useful, please rate it.

The world's largest Mig 25 RC Scale model airplane - the test flight
This is the maiden flight of what is probably the largest jet-powered scale model of a Mig 25. At 4.2 meters long and weighing in at 42Kg, this is a huge model, skillfully test-flown by 18-year-old Clinton on the first day of the 2011 ANZAC jet rally in Tokoroa New Zealand. Unfortunately, the second flight did not go as well -- video of that is coming. Check my channel for more great RC model and jet videos.

Fixing the HobbyKing pulsejet (part 2)
Modifying the HK pulsejet for RC planes so that it would actually run was pretty simple but the absolutely awful quality welding that I mentioned in my review soon came into play and the engine split right along the weld-line where someone had been way-too busy with a grinder. If you find your HK pulsejet won't do much more than pop and bang then you can try drilling out the fuel metering jet to 1mm from its standard 0.9mm diameter. In colder weather, the HK pulsejet (like all pulsejets) benefits from a little pre-heating of the combustion chamber to improve fuel vaporization during the starting process. The next step will be to repair this engine by welding up the crack but this may require a new strip of stainless to be formed and welded into place because the metal around the crack has been ground so think that any attempt to weld it would probably fail. Stay tuned... some welding and fettling coming up soon as I repair the engine (again) and fit it to the Mini Talon.

MIG 25 engine failure on takeoff (huge twin jet-powered RC model plane)
The world's largest jet-powered RC model of the MIG 25 suffers an engine failure on takeoff, sending it plunging into a nearby field. Only expert flying by 18-year-old Clinton Kraidy (and a fist-full of luck) prevented major damage to the model. In fact, after a few hours of gluing -- the model was once again in the air and wowing the crowds. This is just some of the incredible RC model flying that took place at the 2011 ANZAC international RC jet meeting in Tokoroa New Zealand in February 2011. Watch this channel for more exciting RC and jet videos.