How to change model airplane engine bearings (part 1 of 2)

The bearings in most model engines wear out eventually but fortunately changing them is a pretty simple task, requiring no special tools. This video shows you how to change your own bearings and is one of the informational series of videos coming from If you'd like an advertisement included in this video, please contact me.

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How to change model airplane engine bearings (part 2 of 2)
Part two of a video that explains how to replace worn bearings in a model airplane engine. It is one of the informational series of videos coming from If you'd like an advertisement included in this video, please contact me. If you found this video to be useful, please rate it.

O.S 46 AX 7.5cc nitro engine

Starting and Running The ENYA 46 4C Model Airplane Engine
Designed and manufactured in Japan Circa 1985. Smooth running and capable of swinging a big prop for a 7.5 cc engine.. For more information on my old engines, visit my Blog at: Or for other aircraft related musings,don't forget to visit my other Blogs at::

DEANO TOOK UP IANS FREEWING SUKHOI SU-35 FOR HIM AFTER HE UPGRAGED THE SERVOS ON HER AND POPPED IN A 6 CELL TURNIGY GRAPHENE 65C 6000 MAH LIPO ! NO VECTORED THRUST ON THIS FLIGHT AS THE NOZZLE SERVO FAILED ! IAN REPLACED ALL THE OTHERS BECAUSE THEY STARTED FAILING AS WELL BUT FORGOT THIS ONE, VECTORED THRUST ON THE NEXT VIDEO HOPEFULLY, IAN SENT THIS INFO OVER ON THE REAL AIRCRAFT AND THE MODEL - The Sukhoi SU-35 is a single-seat, twin-engine super manoeuvrable multirole fighter. In the 1980s, Sukhoi was looking to upgrade its high-performance SU-27. The resultant SU-35 embodies aerodynamic refinements to give it more manoeuvrability, greatly enhanced avionics, longer range, and a more powerful engine. The first prototype converted from a production SU-27, made its maiden flight in June 1988. This highly scale twin 70mm EDF model embodies all of the performance and good looks of the real SU-35 aircraft. With its brilliant military paint scheme, detailed pilot and scale decals, this famous fighter jet really looks the part! With features such as electronic servoless retracts, functional nose-wheel gear doors, all-moving tail plane, working rudders and 360° thrust vectoring, this model has everything you could ask for and more! It even features removable bolt-on wings & vertical stabs making transportation/storage a breeze. Powered by twin 70mm fan units with 2300kv motors, 55A ESCs and 6S lipoly, the SU-35 has greater than a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio allowing for the most radical of flight manoeuvres! This twin 70mm SU-35 arrives in PNF form, so all that is needed is to add your own 6ch TX/RX and a 6S 3700~4000mAh lipoly to be in the air! Features: Powerful 6S twin 70mm EDF system pre-installed Expertly painted highly detailed color scheme Removable bolt-on wings/vertical stabs Full 360° thrust vectoring Electronic servoless retracts Functional nose-wheel gear doors All-moving tail plane Working rudders Specs: Wingspan: 1080mm Length: 1630mm Flying Weight: 2600g Thrust: 3000g Motor: 2849-2300KV x 2 ESC: 55A x 2 Servos: 9g x 9 / 17g MG digital x 2 PLEASE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL TBOBBORAP1 AND FOLLOW US ON TWITTER NOW AND KEEP UP TO DATE AND WATCH OUR HD QUALITY RC MODELS VIDEOS AND PICTURE UPDATES OF THE MAJOR UK RC SHOWS AND CLUB FLY-INS AT - CHECK OUT THE RAPID EYEWEAR WEBBSITE OF THE SUN GLASSES DEANO WEARS - FILMED DOWN THE PATCH ON 28-5-017,