My Pov 2003 Ford Expedition

.This is my 2003 Ford Expedition. It has 3 mini phantom max, a directional bar from galls, 2 whelen Spec Dash lights and, strobes.

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My 2003 Ford Expedition Firefighter POV
The Stang is no more. Here is my new vehicle. My Ford Expedition.

Ford Expedition POV lights
LED lights on my 1998 Ford Expedition XLT 4X4. i have more lights for the front and rear ill post videos once there installed.

2002 Ford Expedition POV setup
Interior lightbar: Venom by Advanced Warning Lights Grill/Rear side windows: SMT 6'S by Advanced Warning Lights Running board lights/Lisence plate: T3's by CPS Authority Rear warning bar: 31.5" Red/Amber traffic advisor by Xtreme work Lower rear lights: T3's by Fenix Interior: Two 100 watt sirens. One is a Whelen Gamma 2 which controls all my lights. The second is a Southern VP

2007 Ford Explorer full install by POV Response Team
2007 Ford Explorer full install by POV Response Team. This car is a personally owned vehicle and is used for responses for multiple agencies. Owner wanted as many lights as possible. POV Response Team delivered once again. VEHICLE IS FOR SALEEEEE!!!!! 10k or best offer, located on long island, new york. PM for details!