Street Car Chaos Grudge Race

3rd gen Camaro takes 3 off a flashlight from a Fox-Body Mustang. Camaro has issues and the Mustang takes the win.

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Street Car Chaos 2
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Street Car Chaos
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$1500 race: Mustang vs 240: KOTS Finals 8-25-11 $1500 race: Mustang Lx domestic from Dragg City vs Jon Roger's Nissan 240 rb26 turbo Import in the FINAL 3 rounds of racing during the Thursday Night Lightz event King of the Street competition 8-25-11. For more racing action from this event and more please check out my channel and SUBSCRIBE!

SMASHING a Lamborghini with a 1989 camaro rs
(the lambo did miss a shift but still beat by a 3rd gen Camaro) I was tuning my buddies car when we pulled up on this Lamborghini and blew his doors off. 1989 Camaro rs f-body with 350 cammed and professionally tuned. CRAZY THAT A MISS-SHIFTED 4TH GEAR LAMBO GETS BEAT BY A MILD STREET/TRACK 3RD GENERATION Camaro! hahahaah THIS WAS DONE LEGALLY LOL. 5 frwy to 405 frwy