4HP TITAN Side Shaft is now running on the Accurate U magneto.

After some considerable time working out the Accurate "U" magneto/linkage and trip finger timing as well as doing some repair to worn parts on this almost 100 year old engine, I got it to start and run on the magneto. Check out the Smokstak site on the WEB for a blow by blow description of the years work involved in getting this "basket case", almost complete, rare IHC TITAN Side Shaft up and running.

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20 HP Witte Side Shaft
This is how I purchased this engine. It is mounted on a 1975 Ford that has a PTO drive that is used to turn over the engine. I plan to get the engine back to original including the original mixer.

Blackstone diesel hit miss gas engine sideshaft
Travis Benner's Blackstone, 7hp. Originally was backup power for a distillery in Ireland.

Ohio Side Shaft Engine @ Starke Florida
The 6 H.P. Ohio side shaft being shown at Starke Florida.

Magneto Installation and Timing
Installation and Timing of Magneto, Tractor Start.