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4HP TITAN Side Shaft is now running on the Accurate U magneto.

After some considerable time working out the Accurate "U" magneto/linkage and trip finger timing as well as doing some repair to worn parts on this almost 100 year old engine, I got it to start and run on the magneto. Check out the Smokstak site on the WEB for a blow by blow description of the years work involved in getting this "basket case", almost complete, rare IHC TITAN Side Shaft up and running.


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Magneto Installation and Timing
Installation and Timing of Magneto, Tractor Start.

20 HP Witte Side Shaft
This is how I purchased this engine. It is mounted on a 1975 Ford that has a PTO drive that is used to turn over the engine. I plan to get the engine back to original including the original mixer.

St. Marys 2 1/2HP run 11-11-2014
After doing a bit of work on it, I got it running nicely. Get more information on it at http://www.smokstak.com/forum/showthread.php?t=137680

1HP IHC Titan Walking Beam Pump Engine
Here is a short video of my small pumper. Easy to handle, and great for shows. Got to love the windmill in the background.

St. Marys 2 1/2HP 2nd. run 9 12 14
After fussing with it for a few days, I got it running better.

St. Marys 2 1/2 HP - GEARLESS Engine
Found at an auction in NJ 9-6-2014 and here it is running on 9-9-2014.

Ohio Side Shaft Engine @ Starke Florida
The 6 H.P. Ohio side shaft being shown at Starke Florida.

Stranded... again
It's true, stranded... again. One of my biggest mistakes and lessons learnt. Stranded yet again in exactly the same place as last time? Weird or what? Remember to check out our channel and other videos as well as our brand new facebook page and blogspot to view our photo's, blogs and upcoming events in S.L.A.P. Thanks S.L.A.P Sounds.Like.A.Plan Our facebook page is: facebook.com/slap.soundslikeaplan (I think you might have to be logged on for it to work) And my blog is http://slaptom.blogspot.com/ (I own no rights to the soundtrack in this video is not owned or copyrighted by us and we are only using and not claiming for it to be ours)

4HP IHC Titan Side Shaft run 4-13-2012.MOV
I just can't get enough of this rare engine that I brought back to life. It took me one day less than a year from the time I got it to get it running. It burns about 1 gallon of gas per hour just idling away. EXCITING-YOU BET. See the story of the 4HP Titan Side Shaft on Smokstak.com

Wico EK Magneto Repair breaker points adjustment 14of
,,,, more basic stuff, get this wrong and you will be cranking your engine rather than running your engine,, set it right on the workbench and you will not have to fix it after you install it on the engine,, timing the point opening in time to correspond with the armature position is needed for a good running engine,,,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, to be continued,,,

20 HP Superior 2 cycle side shaft rare
20 HP Superior 2 cycle side shaft rare

IHC Mogul 10 HP Scree-Cooled Portable Gas Engine @ Lake Side Farms Auction
Video of the freshly restored 10 horsepower IHC Mogul gas engine running at the Lake Side Farms auction, October 6th in Kempton, PA.

1920 2hp Domestic / Atlantic side shaft engine pumping water
1920 Domestic 2 hp engine made for Atlantic engine company mated to a Domestic mud pump.

I bought this basket case IHC Titan S/S a year ago (3-14-2011) that was mostly complete. I had to make a few parts and do a lot to get it running. The biggest and longest project was getting the side shaft gears made and they showed up on 3-7-2012 from a second gear maker. I had to make new gear keys and install them on the crankshaft and side shaft. As with these projects, there was a lot of putting together and taking apart to get things operational. There is a running dialogue on Harrys "SMOKSTAK" old engine site.

4HP IHC Titan Side Shaft running "SLOWER" 4-9-2012
In a desire to run the TITAN S/S a bit slower than 250-300RPM I made some minor adjustments to the air supply and engine timing. I now can vary the ignition timing from around 20 degrees BTDC to 20 degrees ATDC. With the ignition timing at around 20degrees late, and with a "RICH" fuel mixture it will run at about 145RPM. Of course this means removing the igniter from time to time for cleaning.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2005 Nissan Titan LE: 12.902 @ 0.000
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