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4HP TITAN Side Shaft is now running on the Accurate U magneto.

After some considerable time working out the Accurate "U" magneto/linkage and trip finger timing as well as doing some repair to worn parts on this almost 100 year old engine, I got it to start and run on the magneto. Check out the Smokstak site on the WEB for a blow by blow description of the years work involved in getting this "basket case", almost complete, rare IHC TITAN Side Shaft up and running.


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20 HP Witte Side Shaft
This is how I purchased this engine. It is mounted on a 1975 Ford that has a PTO drive that is used to turn over the engine. I plan to get the engine back to original including the original mixer.

Stranded... again
It's true, stranded... again. One of my biggest mistakes and lessons learnt. Stranded yet again in exactly the same place as last time? Weird or what? Remember to check out our channel and other videos as well as our brand new facebook page and blogspot to view our photo's, blogs and upcoming events in S.L.A.P. Thanks S.L.A.P Sounds.Like.A.Plan Our facebook page is: facebook.com/slap.soundslikeaplan (I think you might have to be logged on for it to work) And my blog is http://slaptom.blogspot.com/ (I own no rights to the soundtrack in this video is not owned or copyrighted by us and we are only using and not claiming for it to be ours)

IHC 1HP Hopper Cooled Titan Pumper
This engine evolved from a basket case with parts scattered around in a garage to a nice little pump engine, that even pumps water.

Titan 10 20, Classic Old Tractor, Dardanup Heritage Park, Classic Machinery
Start and Run of a Titan 10 20 Tractor. This Classic machine is at Dardanup Heritage Park with the largest collection of heritage items in the Southern Hemisphere. See their site here http://www.dardanupheritagepark.com.au/Attractions See more here http://www.classicmachinery.com.au/ Like this video to keep us going!

1920 2hp Domestic / Atlantic side shaft engine pumping water
1920 Domestic 2 hp engine made for Atlantic engine company mated to a Domestic mud pump.

4hp ChristensenType FF Side Shaft Hit and Miss Engine

George Green side shaft antique engine hit miss

Nissan 200SX turbo awesome blow-off sound
521hp turbo w/ nice blow-off sound (compressor surge) no, it is not mine

I bought this basket case IHC Titan S/S a year ago (3-14-2011) that was mostly complete. I had to make a few parts and do a lot to get it running. The biggest and longest project was getting the side shaft gears made and they showed up on 3-7-2012 from a second gear maker. I had to make new gear keys and install them on the crankshaft and side shaft. As with these projects, there was a lot of putting together and taking apart to get things operational. There is a running dialogue on Harrys "SMOKSTAK" old engine site.

British Sea Gull Model 40 1949-50
I found this little outboard at the local flea market, and after a few hours cleaning it up, here it is running on the first pull. Got to say its really a nice addition to the collection of "STUFF"

20 HP Superior 2 cycle side shaft rare
20 HP Superior 2 cycle side shaft rare

4HP Titan Side Shaft running at less than 200 RPM. NICE, and smooth.
Here is my 4HP Titan Side Shaft running at less than 200 RPM. This is the slowest I've ever got it to run, and I'm quite happy with it. I still have a few things to do to it as parts arrive from time to time. I have a running history of this basket case, missing a few things on SMOKSTAK. Go to http://www.smokstak.com/forum/showthread.php?t=87871 for all the gory detail.

Otto Tank Cooled 6hp - Lake Side Farms Auction - Aumann Auctions
Designed in 1893 and known as the Columbian style Otto after the 1893 Worlds Columbia Exposition in California of that year, this engine Sn 15705 is in outstanding mechanical condition and features an all original finish, low tension igniter ignition, Sumter side shaft driven magneto, Lonergans Oilers, forward mounted fuel pump and is on a beautiful oak display skid. This engine is one of the very last Otto engines manufacture and is considered to be of 1923 production. Engine runs well and shows very little use.

1917 Titan Side Shaft - Aumann Auctions - Lake Side Farms Auction
One of the very few existing, this 4hp Titan Side Shaft Sn C101H is considered to be a 1917. The IHC Titan Side Shaft is one of the highest quality engines IHC made at this time and production was very limited. This engine has many features including, fuel pump, side shaft, fly ball governor, low tension magneto ignition, Madison Kipp Oiler. Engine features an outstanding restoration and runs well.

6 HP Lloyd Side Shaft - Lake Side Farms Collection - Aumann Auctions
Lloyd 6hp Hit Miss Engine Early 1900's Lloyd hit and miss engine. This engine was made under license by the Lloyd Manufacturing Company in Nova Scotia Canada and is exactly identical to the American Made Weber Engine of Mo. Engine features a fly ball governor, fully machined components, side shaft, water pump, fuel pump. Has igniter ignition and the unique Weber style carburetor. Engine has an older restoration and runs very well. This will be one of the best auctions you have ever attended! Peter has a discerning eye for quality and that theme is evident throughout the collection. Superb tractors and arguably the best engine selection ever offered at auction will highlight this important auction. The Tractors and Engines will be sold at auction on October 5th & 6th in Kempton, PA. For more information visit: http://www.aumannauctions.com

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2005 Nissan Titan LE: 12.902 @ 0.000
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