How to paint plastic with spray cans.

How to paint plastic with spray cans and get a glossy finish. Includes primer, paint, clear, sanding and buffing. Buff pads used. Click here to support Movember Mr Buff Buff Pads

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How to fix a scratch & stone chip with spray cans.
In this episode of Custom Spray Mods Dave shows a complete step by step guide on fixing a scratch and a stone chip in your paintwork. Includes sanding, primer, paint, clear and Buffing. Using this method the finish you get will look great. And its all done cheaply and easily. Click here to purchase the Scuffing paste and pads used in this video. _1165 Preval DIY Spray Can Unit Music by DanoSongs Music by Kevin Macleod Music by Ignyte: All products available at VG Auto Paints How to fix a scratch How to paint with spray cans stone chip auto paint spray

How to paint chrome paint
How to paint chrome paint. I painted my wheels but you can paint anything, as long as you first use a gloss black base. Music by DanoSongs auto paint spray chrome alsa

How to paint brake calipers ANY color DIY
In this episode Dave shows how to paint brake calipers any colour available in Automotive paint. Using a caliper primer and a caliper clear you can get any color you want. Click here to purchase this kit brake caliper paint brembo diy how to paint your brake calipers auto paint spray

Respray a car and color change DIY
Dave shows how to do a full respray and colour change in your back yard. Using Acrylic paint its safe to spray out in the open.. Using a buff and compound to get a glossy finish. Music: how to paint a car how to paint your car auto paint spray