Gitt Swift - "Maro On Dem 30's" (32's) [Promo Video]

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StuntFest 2k16 Block party - HD
seen cars from different states in one place great turnout

KandyonChrome: CHROME WRAP CAMARO ON 34's
Special Shop Feature Tate Design in Fort Lauderdale Florida . With a Rainbow Fleck Chrome Wrap. On Custom Camaro on 34 Inch Rockstar Wheels. Interview with that the Chrome Wrap King. Also See the behind the scenes of a 1975 Caprice Vert with brand new SPECIAL THANKS TO @white_flightwhipz Teal Chrome Wrap Material that just come out. - TATE DESIGNS: 954 681 8280 @tatedesigns - Music Track Drag Race - Circle of Success Miami @cos_rizzy

Camaro Ttops on 34s and Camaro widebody on 30's
via YouTube Capture

WhipAddict: Underground Rim King Shop; Dodge Magnum SRT8 and Chevy Camaro on 32s, Malibu on 28s
More 32s droppin at Underground Rim King Atlanta location! First up, the homie @money_n_power_32 SRT8 Magnum on DUBs(faces at paint shop) does a few laps for show, a lot more coming from this one as it's in the process of getting painted and music finished up before Stunt Fest. After that @ikeepsit1000 pulls up in the kandy Malibu on 28" DUB spinners bumpin that slo mo music as always! Then Steve pulled out the white Camaro on white 32" Starr Wheels for a test drive! Hate it or love it the 30" rims and up will keep comin! Beats by Dos