1954 Pontiac Hearse

1954 Pontiac Barnette Hearse....Honolulu Hawaii , after 20 years in a warehouse... taking a ride.

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1949 Chevrolet Barnette Hearse
This is a 1949 Chevrolet Barnette Combo. It was used as a Hearse and an Ambulance. Im in the process of restoring her and thought I would share some photos of her. She is really rare and only one of two that known to be left. Enjoy and leave me some comments!

1954 Pontiac Hearse
The Edmonton Bone-Wagon Association is always welcome at History Road: the Ultimate Car Show!

1916 Buick Hearse
The Reynolds-Alberta Museum's 1916 Buick Hearse at History Road: The Ultimate Car Show in Wetaskiwin. For more information about the Reynolds-Alberta Museum please visit www.ReynoldsAlbertaMuseum.com.

Pontiac Hearse close up
Casket and all