BMW E46 320d DRIFT

180hp+, straight pipe, 225/45/ZR17 all wheels, wet road

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BMW 320D

e46 snow fun
Śnieg!!! Czyli najdłuższą drogą po bułki do sklepu ;)

BMW E46 320d M47N chip acceleration before/after
Before: 151hp/327,6nm After: 180hp/375,5nm Engine: M47N Chassis: Touring Gearbox: 6 Production date: 2004 A/C: off DSC: off (only for 0-100km/h acceleration test) Outside temperature: ~21-23*C Load: driver ~98kg Trunk load: ~5kg Fuel level: almost the same Fuel type: the same Surface: the same, level

BMW E46 320d Drifting
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