Rebadging my Genesis Coupe (Custom Wing Emblem)

Decided to rebadge my Genesis Coupe. This shows install of the front and rear wing emblem... although my approach changed halfway through the start of the front emblem. This is my first attempt at trying to do any sort of car mod.. try your best not to laugh. :) I learned how to do this by watching Casey at You can buy these from ImportShark

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2013 Genesis Coupe Wing Emblem FRONT Install
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Superlux Tail Lights for Genesis Coupe--Read description if you have these!
Superlux you have a set? Are any LEDS out or have fallen off the pcb board? Well, these pretty much suck! Once the LEDs go out, and guess what? No Warranty! We do not work on these anymore because of all the problems they have. They also do not have a warranty!!! If you have a set of these, we highly suggest to save up and get a set of 2013-16 Genesis Coupe OEM Taillights and have us customize them. OEM quality with an aftermarket look! Check out our custom taillights here: 2013

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Custom Wing Emblem Rear Install
Watch as I demonstrate how to install the custom Hyundai Genesis Coupe Wing Emblems from a manufacturer in Korea. The process was rather easy and only took about an hour total. The results to me give the car a really nice custom look without being tacky and almost appearing even more luxurious. If you are interested in a group buy please visit the website for more details.

How to rebadge the trunk lid of your Hyundai Genesis
This video shows you how to remove the "Flying H" logo badge from the trunk lid of a Genesis and replace it with the Korean market "Flying Wing" badge.