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Laverda 750 SFC Probestart PS-Show

Laverda 750 SFC Warmlaufstart PS-Show Wels/Austria 2011


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Laverda SFC Lautstärkemessung
Standgeräuschmessung an meiner Laverda 750 SFC mit straßenzugelassener 2-in-2 Auspuffanlage. Der Schallpegelmesser zeigt: Oben: Momentanwert Mitte: Mittelwert über 10 sekunden Messperiode Unten: Spitzenwert


Laverda SFC laufend / running

Laverda 750 SFC Replica by Moto Officina
Moto Officina was born out of the passion for speed and competition over 25 years ago. Over time, the pursuit of race performance has naturally shifted towards restoration, efficiency and reliability improvement for classic motorcycles, with a particular passion for brands like Laverda, Moto Guzzi, Ducati and BMW. Today, Moto Officina shares all its road and track expertise with the enthusiasts of classic bikes from the '70s, '80s and '90s. From complete restorations through to the design and manufacturing of special parts, Moto Officina offers tailored solutions for the most demanding and passionate riders.

Laverda 2 Cylinder with Burnersound
The Laverda from a friend of mine really has a fantastic sound. Just enjoy the vintage motorcycle sound!

1974 Laverda 750 SFC ( or SF ?? )
This Laverda classic 750 looks good for a 1974 model but I'm not sure wether this is a real factory-made SFC model , as seen on the parkinglot of Goedhart Motoren in Bodegraven , Holland.

SCF-Laverda Supertwins 801 RC
SCF-Laverda Supertwins 801 RC

Hook24092011- Laverda SCF
Atelier Hook Motors - Bologna

OZLAVERDA Racing 2010 Debut
OZLAVERDA Racing started in early 2010 bringing together a team of enthusiasts to campaign Laverda racing machines from the 1970's. This video features the 1975 Laverda Endurance Spaceframe in events at Eastern Creek, Sydney. Included is a fascinating look into the work behind preparing our engines for the race season at Redax Laverda Engineering.

Thierry's SFC first ride Aug2014d
1976 Laverda SFC 750 Elettronica replica by Moto Officina: Thierry's first ride.

Laverda Start Sound
Laverda Motorrad wird auf dem jährlichen Oldtimer-Treffen in Medebach angelassen.

Start up Laverda SFC
Laverda sfc 750 start up

Bikers Classics 2010 - Sunday Morning - Spa Francorchamps Laverda 1000 3CL
Driving nose to tail for about 2 laps . Last year the rev counter cable did break, this year the speedo cable. Seems to be a standard interval.

Moto Officina Laverda "Diecimila" - morning start
Ths Moto Officina Laverda "Diecimila" project is based on a 1980 Laverda 180° 3 cylinders. The name "Diecimila" means 10.000 in Italian as our Laverda triple engines are able to reach 10.000 rpm while remaining perfectly reliable. Even for this particular road bike this performance is possible although we fitted, after having very accurately balanced them, the factory crankshaft and conrods. To hear the bike screaming at 10.000 rpm : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6ooMENfS_0

Laverda 1000
200 Miglia revival, Imola 2012. Laverda 1000 V6 Sinfonia made in Breganze!

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