300SD vs 240SX

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300SD vs Mustang

300D dyno at ATS diesel performance
2012/08/04- HE221W turbo, A/W Intercooler, W/M injection, straight pipe Exhaust. http://mercedesforum.com/forum/diesel-performance-49/Dyno-thread-49089/

1980 Mercedes 300SD Rear Fuel Leak

1979 Mercedes W116 300SD Ride-a-Long with Kent Bergsma
F.Y.I. - Kent mentions in video this Benz might be for sale. Sorry, Already spoken for!!! It is staying in the family....:-) In this video road shoot, he will take you along on a short country cruise in his "grey ghost." This is one of his all time favorite older Benz. Amazing ride, handling, safety and economy in a 35 year old car. There was nothing like it on the road back in the late 1970's and very few like it in this condition today.