300SD vs 240SX

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300SD vs Mustang

300D dyno at ATS diesel performance
2012/08/04- HE221W turbo, A/W Intercooler, W/M injection, straight pipe Exhaust. http://mercedesforum.com/forum/diesel-performance-49/Dyno-thread-49089/

300SD Dyno run

1991 Mercedes 350SDL Modified 0-60
0-60 run without power braking. I turned up the full load screw one turn, and raised the RPM limiter from 4000 RPM to 4400 RPM. It runs much better now, and does not smoke. Test was done holding the pedal all the way down (clicking the kickdown switch). Sorry about the poor quality, I was just holding my iPhone. Run was made on mostly level ground.