300SD vs 240SX

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300SD vs Mustang

1979 Mercedes W116 300SD Ride-a-Long with Kent Bergsma
F.Y.I. - Kent mentions in video this Benz might be for sale. Sorry, Already spoken for!!! It is staying in the family....:-) In this video road shoot, he will take you along on a short country cruise in his "grey ghost." This is one of his all time favorite older Benz. Amazing ride, handling, safety and economy in a 35 year old car. There was nothing like it on the road back in the late 1970's and very few like it in this condition today.

MB w126 300SD Superturbo New Tune + Exhaust Sound
MB w126 300SD Superturbo New Tune New pump tune: - Engine response faster - More torque and power

1980 Mercedes 300SD Rear Fuel Leak