Ty's Caddy vs Brandon's Honda

Ty's 93 Cadillac Sedan Deville - (4.9 V8 [Stock]) Brandon's Honda Civic DX Hatch- (D16Z6 Swap [Stock])

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1993 4.9 cadillac vs rs camaro lol😂🏁💯
Old caddy at it again going against a 2012 rs Camaro. (Race starts at 0:50)

cadillac vs. civic
autodromo culiacan

Caddy & Accord
Another Movie Maker Video. Some Video Borrowed from my other video. My buddies '97 Accord included in the 2nd half.

Cadillac sts vs Mazda rx-8
Watch in high quality. Just me and my friends in Compton screwing around seeing what are cars can do. My sts has 134k miles on it and still runnin hard!