Youtube's Best Redneck Vids

Insanity with car's trucks, vans and SUV's , these videos are the best of the best... this is a sequel to the best redneck insanity on youtube

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Hillbilly 500- Jumps -N- Wrecks
Somehow, I am missing some footage. I'm going to go back through, and maybe have a part 3. I'm missing some wrecks! Thanks for watching!

Truck Jump
A SEMA Truck has an accident...

Funny redneck videos
A tribute to all rednecks of the world, videos taken from youtube, enjoy, thanks for 120,000 views

Redneck pictures found in the internet #1
View the entire collection of Redneck pictures at Visit my youtube channel at Redneck pictures found in the internet #1. If you can relate to any of these pictures you might be a redneck.