1978 Pontiac Trans Am Start up, Exhaust, and Tour

flash back to Smokey and the bandit, this 1978 Pontiac Trans Am was at the auction and I had to try it out, real sweet, I think it has a bad flywheel if you all are wondering what that loud screech noise was. I really liked this car, it's a classic, sounded real nice!

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1978 Trans Am Start-Up
My 78 Trans Am being started and ran for the first time in 2 years after a very intensive long tune up. No Exhaust past the cat. conv.

1978 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird 400
1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Smokey and the Bandit

1978 Pontiac Trans-am First start up after being sat for two years.
My Trans-am was sat out in the English weather for two years when i was unemployed. This is the first start up after fitting a new battery. It now needs a lot of cosmetics.

1978 Pontiac Trans Am 0-60
This is a video a friend and I took of his families 1978 Trans Am, they bought this car as rust bucket pretty much, and completely restored it themselves. The engine is a 455 c.i. V8, posi rear end, 3 speed automatic.