Stock Honda Fit Running at 200kph at NLEX

200kph at 6300rpm. with a lot of weight the Fit is carrying. I guess it can hit 220 with a good suspension and lightening.

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Honda fit 0-160
honda fit 2007, 1.5L automatic... and slow

Honda Fit(L15A) VS Honda NSX "Suzuka Circuit"
NOBLESSE Fit to run in Suzuka Circuit.Driver is me. My name is ICHIRO! This Fit is L15a engine. Thank you!

Honda Fit Problem
2008 Honda Fit with a check engine light and will not accelerate past 3750 rpms making it very unsafe. Bought at Brown Honda in Charlotttesville, VA. Repair attempts have been made at 4 different dealers, 5 different times. Hagerstown Honda (Hagerstown, MD), Honda East (Columbus, OH), Brown Honda and Rule Honda (Staunton, VA) Anyone else have this defect or problem that is similar? Wanted to update this ... I ended up filing suite against Honda ... they wouldn't even admit that they manufactured the vehicle. Ended up winning the case and Honda had to buy it back along with pay for my inconvenience and attorney fees. They paid much more money in the long run by not just taking care of me as a once loyal to Honda consumer. It was my fourth and last Honda. I had originally offered to buy the next year model by paying the difference in MSRP between the two models and they refused ... said they would give me like 14K for the car ... well, I am sure they didn't learn their lesson as most people do not follow through and take the easy road of rolling over and taking a loss. BTW ... have been loving my Subaru.

Review: 2007 Honda Fit
Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. With gas prices exceeding three dollars per gallon, the timing and introduction of the new 2007 Honda Fit couldn't be any better. Not only is the new Honda Fit easy on your wallet at the pumps, but it's also easy on your bank account with a starting price of just $14,400 including destination. Honda surely has a hit on its hands considering the Fit oozes quality, but also because it's sporty, offers lots of cargo space and is cheap to own and operate.