Amplified - iPad mounted in a Ford Econoline Van, Mobile office EP 7

In This episode of "Amplified", Spoon builds a custom box for an Infinity G35. The crew gets through a hectic day while filming at the same time. Allyn's Poncho gets knotted. Doug and Allyn install an iPad in a customer's car. John brings his girlfriend to work.

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Amplified - Car Stereo Rescue, Pioneer Navigation install EP8
In this episode of Amplified. Spoon hooks a customer's car up with a Pioneer navigation system. Allyn fixes a DIY install. John tells a story about spoon getting locked in his car. Watch with an open mind to make best use of the subliminal messages hidden within this episode.

How to Install an iPad in YOUR CAR
http://SOUNDMANCA.COM/products/sideslider This video shows Soundman iPad mini SIDE SLIDER Kit assembly and installation instructions. Pair your iPad to your vehicle's OEM or Aftermarket Bluetooth HEAD UNIT! If you don't have bluetooth, grab a nice single din SONY! Recommended installation materials - Dremel Tool - - CA Glue - - Awesome Epoxy (requires applicator and mixing nozzle)- - Body Filler - - High Build Primer - - Interior Panel Paint - Other things you might like - Glazing Puddy - - Lightning Cable - - Spray Adhesive (for suede backing) - - Cheaper Epoxy - NEW episodes of AMPLIFIED are coming ALL WEEK!!! πŸ’₯πŸ‘‡Monday thru Friday 8am!!! πŸ‘‡πŸ’₯ Follow ME! Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Instagram -

Amplified - iPad Toyota Tacoma install finished. Pioneer AVIC-Z120 in a Chevy Suburban. EP 6
We install iPads - In this episode of Amplified, the iPad install, from the previous episode, is completed. A Chevy Suburban gets AVIC-Z120 and an over head flip Down DVD player. A regular customer and friend of the shop gets pranked.

Amplified - How to install an iPad mini in the dash of your car, VW CC. Audison Bit Ten D tune Escalade, EP 78
We install iPads - Learn more cool stuff at The Soundman crew shows you how to install an iPad mini into the dash of your car. Rafa fixed a stereo system gone wrong in a Cadillac Escalade. He's not happy with the result, so he installs an Audison Bit Ten D audio proccessor.